Cointreau Orange Liqueur

Vince Coughlan reviews Cointreau Orange Liqueur. Cointreau is a premium French liqueur that was established in 1849 and created from a perfect balance of sweet and bitter orange peel.

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Fabrizio says:

Why are you drinking liqueur as if it were whisky?

greg55666 says:

VINCE! I have a question. I was just in Paris, and ordered a Cointreau as a digestif. The waiter came back with a brandy snifter with 6 or 8 oz. of clear liquid. It was really mild and easy to drink. Now I see Cointreau is 40% alcohol? There’s no way what I was given was straight–I was really surprised by how large the drink was, and how mild/easy to drink. I can’t find anything on the internet about diluting it with water as a digestif.

What do you think? It was very pleasant and easy to drink, but way larger than I expected from a digestif–I expected it to be a little shot. Is this a “normal,” or at least French, way of serving Cointreau? Is it just how this one restaurant did it, or is it a common/acceptable way of serving it (as a digestif)?

Thank you!

Théo Dupuy says:

You’re not supposed to drink it that way lol take a shot

Greg Marat says:

Just a note: Cointreau is a brand of triple sec, better quality than a default triple sec.

Wallyjenkins says:

Too bad he pronounced it wrong..KWAN-TROW

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