Curly Hair Routine | My Favorite Products

Hey guys! I’ve been wanting to do this video for a long time, so I’m excited to share my natural/curly hair routine with you! I also shared some of my favorite products for both natural and styled hair. I hope you guys enjoy and feel free to share your favorite products with me! See you in the next one 🙂

Ps. Sorry about the chainsaw in the background!

Products mentioned:
Briogeo shampoo-
Briogeo conditioner-
Aveda Be Curly-
Deva Curl Spray-
Briogeo Leave In Spray-
Paul Mitchell Serum-
Drybar Triple Sec-
Dry Shampoo-
Turbie Twist-
Curling Wand-

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jill tedesco says:

your hair is beautiful , your hair looks wavy but i think if you used more product and better ones you would get more curl, You should put your leave in , in first also serums are not oils very diffferent. Just to inform your viewers

Bethany Loreal Cherian says:

Wow, you’re beautiful!

9melissal says:

You have beautiful wavy hair!

[revive project] says:

honestly i think im getting lost in your face.. sick eyecolor

Georgia B says:

Have you ever tried deva curl products? I just heard of it a few months ago, went out and bought their products and OMG the results are amazing. I have never in my life felt confident to wear my hair naturally until now. You should totally try it!

Kenia Alvarez says:

Make more hair videos!!!!

Manfred Bismark says:

Hello COURTNEY. YOU are BEAUTIFUL! Have a nice day. Bye. Rudi from EUROPA.

yvs says:

I think im lesbian now

edixnet paresseux says:

you’re so beautiful

Olivia Gonzales says:

You are my hair twin. Thanks for sharing this video!!!

Jones says:

Your beautiful

Vivien Levin says:

Do u mind linking the products in the comment section please

Sqknwk says:

I have the same hair!! Odd because I am European only. I’m so glad I found you!

jazzycola says:

Is your hair thick or more on the fine side?

Rihab Lhairech says:

You are soooo sooo soooo prettyy

Deris says:

I like your video. The only product I don’t like is the Paul Mitchell serum as it has silicone. What other product can I replace it with? Beautiful hair

Amira Abrahim says:

Not curly more wavy btw

matt stockton says:

You need to go on [Americas Next Top Model] I’m a professional photographer and you definitly have the [X} factor. You could be getting paid to promote all those products.

Trelyn Pounds says:

really beautiful… where your from

Alexis.bernalp6 says:

You should try the Aveda dry remedy oil, it’s amazing!

Samantha's Orchids says:

Holy crap – you’re friggin gorgeous !

Jenn J says:

There is an amazing new product line out called “LUS Brands”. It is a single product based specifically on curl type and has yielded incredible results (from my experience). The CEO is a small business owner and offers wonderful customer service. She has done extensive research and provides great “how to” videos on product application. Be sure to check it out!

Choccolah says:

What type of Haircut you have?

Demiana Acis says:

Hi i am in love with you

Daniela Viranontes says:


sophia siebra says:

I have curly hair and it can be really dry sometimes, loved your video!

priyanka nikam says:

Does aveda products have strong fragrance

ananotanna thAnk yOu says:

Wow just watching this video has helped me so much in redirecting how to take care of my hair because I have this curly/wavy hair type (I am mixed) that tends to get very frizzy when I brush it out and for the longest time I didn’t know how to work with it so I’ll definitely try some of the tips you’ve recommended ty sm ❤️❤️ subscribed!!

Chloe L says:

You are unbelievably beautiful

Rita Rea says:


Pramila Thakuri says:

Your hair is an absolute goal hun, just subbed, will be so happy if you come and check my channel too xxx

Carmen Delia says:

What hair color are you using?

holly goldstein says:

you are a beautiful human being.

Tamara Avinami says:

you are stunning and wow your hair is gorgeous!! we have similar hair but i’m so bad at making it look good <3

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