Dry Shampoo BREAKDOWN: Why, What, Which to use?


As you already know… washing your hair every single day isn’t the optimal treatment for your hair. We all like clean hair but to have voluminous, silky, and healthy hair is so much better! So you have the best of both worlds…. no oily scalp, no water/wash necessary, and no restyling your hair like you would after a good wash. The answer is dry shampoo. It helps refreshes hair so it doesn’t look limpy and old. It also helps add volume and texture so you can have model blown out looking hair. And lastly it will prolong your washes so you don’t have to wash you hair as often.

*****Do not substitute this product for a shower or never washing your hair with real shampoo and water… PLEASE!

Products mentioned:
-Suave Morrocan Oil Infused Dry Shampoo
-Batiste Cool & Fresh Dry Shampoo
-Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray
-Bumble & Bumble Thickening Dry Spun Spray
-Dry Bar Triple Sec (3 in 1) Spray

What I am wearing:
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Lips: Revlon HD Lipgloss in Tropaz
Blush: NARS Final Cut
Headband: From ULTA (on sale for $3.88)

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Nalleli Rivera says:

Maybe Im doing something wrong because my hair doesn’t feel clean. Im using bad head is the name… Don’t remember but you did not mention it

ashlyxoxo21 says:

If you look on the back of all the suave dry shampoos in the gold cans they all have the same ingredients so I do think they are all the same just a bit different scent and its a marketing technique also I like to leave the dry shampoo in my hair for a good 5 or 10 mins before I brush it or rub it around I find it works much better personally and the suave and dove are my favorite too xoxoxoxo

lollsazz says:

Don’t you brush out the dry shampoo?

HalinaB says:

I tried both of the batiste dry shampoos and I hated the floral one I love the crisp and clean one I like the scent and the over all dry shampoo itself

Beaueey Ha says:

You just remind me to get a dry shampoo hehehe thanks

Sunfish OutOfWater says:

Thanks for the informative video! Very helpful. Wondering if you’ve had a chance to try Drybar’s Detox Dry Shampoo? I’m debating whether to try it or the Triple Sec first, though am leaning toward the Triple Sec. I recently got & an really enjoying One Love Organics’ dry shampoo; it’s a non-aerosol/shaker style, which takes a bit of getting used to, but soon becomes just as easy as a spray can.

Emily Hanvik says:

Not that it’s a super big deal, but the Oribe and the Bumble and Bumble products are not actually dry shampoos. They are just dry texturizing sprays!

silkywhite01 says:

What’s on your nails? It’s beautiful.

Josephine Lum says:

This is so helpful for school 🙂 Thank you! Love your videos xxx 

Gavriella11 says:

and yes i think it will be helpful for a lot of us if we saw ur way of using dry shampoo! <3

anirtnart says:

Batiste has one that has a dark tint for those who have dark hair so you don’t have to worry about the white powder showing up

Liya Smiles says:

Thank you for the detailed reviews. I actually just returned the suave dry shampoo because it made my scalp more oily. Do you think that I might apply too much?

Cathy Tra My Doan says:

ohh so i only used two… the first one i cant even remember because it was in england… sigh. maybe i can look it up..( okay cant find it) and the second one i still have since like 4 months ago is DOVE 

Amy Sonpe says:

There are some solutions that can be taken to minimize hair loss and start regrowing hair naturally without expensive treatments. Natural, homemade remedies work well for people who take action early. I found a natural cure  as Argan life which does not contain any chemicals like sulphate, alcohol, salt and dye. It works pretty well for my hair. Also, you can find this products on eBay.

Melissa Dubrowski says:

What does the Dry Bar dry shampoo smell like? (You said it smelled strong but you didn’t say what it smelled like)

Eva Feng says:

You always have such insightful reviews. 🙂

Cathy Tra My Doan says:

lol… ehh sounds like i need that expensive shampoo where you doing have to care about it.. haha

jRoxy13 says:

Thanks so much for this video! +EmJustLikeYou Which dry shampoo would you say is the least fragranced? That’s my biggest pet peeve with ones I’ve tried (my favorite of those is the original Suave one) – I feel like they are overpowering, especially if I want to wear another perfume!

cydangie says:

Hey girl! You look gorgeous!!!
I just discovered your channel & I need to catch up with your videos.
I love dry shampoo too and always trying new ones! haha 

Daisy Mercado says:

What color is on your nails??? I love it!

Yun Ni says:

this is helpful 

Me.KarenJ says:

Yes I’d like too see how u use it. I have the second two last one suave, but rarely use cause I don’t know how hehehe it’s be great if u do a tutorial Please

karen den says:

Klorane is my favorite, especially the non-aerosol one!

BLAMO says:

Super informative! Just to let you know Batiste actually has a dry shampoo for dark haired girls! It’s the same formula, just darker brown instead of white!

Crystal Le says:

Tkx for making this video!!

Gavriella11 says:

I NEEDED THIS VIDEO SO MUCH! PERFECT TIMING!!! <3 <3 I have been looking for a new dry shampoo. and its exam season for me atm so obvi dry shampoo will be my bf ! thank youuuu <3 <3

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