Exploration Series: Orange Liqueur Blind Tasting

Today we taste a number of orange liqueurs to figure out if there are any that really stand out while also theorizing over what flavors may work well in what style of cocktail. We focus a bit on some of the sharper more distinct zesty notes or fleshy notes that occur in many of the orange liqueur.

The products on the table include: Licor 43, Triplum, Solerno, Cointreau, Patron Citronge, Bols Blue Curacao, Combier, Senior Curacao (Blue and Clear), Gran Gala, Grand Marnier, Tuaca, Dekuyper O3.

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Michael Funkerton says:

I need to try that Solerno and Liquor 43. I like Cointreau as a digestif!

Aaron says:


pwnusll says:

Beer or wines please

Junnycharles 425 says:

very very good

Eric Leyman says:

Would love to see a Coffee Liquor tasting.

snofagun1814 says:

when i went in to buy grand marnier, they sold me on grand imperial instead, which is a lot cheaper, and i really like it to add to different cocktails, etc. what is your opinion about grand marnier vs. grand imperial?

Evan B says:

I know bourbon is probably more demanded, but can I put a vote in for rye?

Peter Rivera-Pierola says:

Curious to hear your thoughts on Pierre Ferrand Dry Orange Curaçao; it’s apparently become a standard over the last few years. Based on the descriptions, sounds like something between Grand Marnier (sweeter) and Cointreau (drier) which may make it quite versatile. I currently have Patron Citronge as my orange liqueur, but definitely want to try some of these others you mentioned.

MrRussian19 says:

I wonder how theyd look like with hair…

Javier Alejandro Jacobo David says:

scotch blind test! 🙂

doctorx0079 says:

So if you use Bols Blue in a Blue Hawaii, does it stay blue or does it still turn green?? I understand that Senior tastes better but I want my Blue Hawaii blue!!

Leonar12345 says:

I’ve just started watching the vid but hoping you guys include Mandarin Napoleon

David Marken says:

I Vote Absinthe, mainly want to see yall trashed 🙂

Derek Purcell says:

Thanks for making the Liqueur section of the Total Wine and More store less intimidating.  You guys save me a grip of money with these reviews.
Please do a Vodka testing! Most people know the real crap from the really good, but it would be great to see the top dogs battle it out.

TheJusnic82 says:

Did he actually stay at that hotel ive heard its a pretty weird german hotel never stayed but have heard good stories about it 🙂

Francis Ducharme says:

I’m surprised you did not have Pierre Ferand curacao in there, I really like it. You get the oak from the cognac with the bitter peels and spices. When I first heard of it and decided to try it, it was priced cheaper than Cointreau and stayed like that for a while. Then they figured out the pricing glitch and upped the price 10$ lol 🙁

Steven Halseth says:

I love how you guys read the Tuaca label and focus on the vanilla part of it, then you drink the Tuaca, mention the strong vanilla flavor in it and call it “a Licor 43, only harder,” and then call it Grand Marnier.

From what I learned working for a caterer: cognac is just a location-specific type of brandy (like champagne is a type of wine), so Grand Marnier and Gran Gala might as well be two brandy based drinks. As for the agave notes, I’ve only had cognac once (way too long ago to remember how it tasted), but I have often heard of cognac having flavor notes similar to tequila, so that may have been what they meant.

QOTD: You did the blanco tequila tasting with Doug and Curtis, and I’ve been hoping you guys would do a reposado episode.

Adrian Mutu says:

you could do as well gin and even grenadine 

C.J. C says:

I would definitely like to see an absinthe tasting. But whatever you end up doing, I would like to see more top shelf vs lower shelf variety in the blind tastings. It would be helpful information for a poor college student like myself.

Nolan Trask says:

how bout a brandy tasting

Wrany Southard says:

Loved this video, hope to find more like this. It really helps educate without spending a fortune.

Ies Apac says:

great video there guys, love to see one of these tastings a week – it kinda sets up the rest of the video of the week, you all start to relax -, i’d request scotch or irish whiskey tastings, but hey if you’re keen on repo’s i ain’t complaining.

Mitch churi says:

Tuaca or Licor 43!?!?!? HALP ME GUYZ (like I’ve previously said i need to take a mortgage out to buy liquor in Australia) They are both near $50 down under. so need to choose wisely!

Kenneth Rathburn says:

So obvious the alcohol was hitting you when Jennifer confirmed which one was Licor 43.  I only get that passionate after a drink or two lol

John Balediata says:

Coffee liqueur. Also, have you thought of/tried making your own coffee liqueur? Made my own and a couple days away from it being ready.

sanchezjr13 says:

Great video.I’m building my bar.I might get some of the unicorn jizz!

Nikola Milošević says:

With the Patron Citronage, Derrick described it as having a taste of an old orange. From my understanding of alcohol distillation doesn’t the fruit need to decompose first before you distil it? Plum brandy is made by having plums decompose in barrels for about a month. Maybe that might explain the off orange kind of taste?

Serge Thomas says:

You should try the Gabriel Boudier blue Curaçao, it’s a very good french product, way better than the Bols stuff.

Andrew Glumpe says:

Gran gala?

cody5150 says:

I vote for Bourbon blind tastings for the next vid…..after bitters =)

Adrian Mutu says:

you could do beer, ales and ginger beer to not kill you after or before an absint tasting 🙂

Stratplayer05 says:

I’ve always loved blood oranges, so I’m glad to see what you thought of Solerno since it’s something I’ve wanted to try (if I can ever justify spending that much on something which isn’t even a core spirit), but I actually have a completely unrelated question.  Specifically that question is that I have a bottle of Galliano.  What do I do with it?

ipkandskill says:

You should do cream like alcohols, such as clam chowda. 

Johnathan Kitchen says:

I’d really like to see a berry or pear liqueur tasting!! 🙂

Mary Ellen Putnam-Reinhardt says:

Good quality content. Interesting….

Anthony Thorburn says:

I really like these longer tasting videos. Very informative and real nice to watch. Great job!

Vlammenzee says:

I really like the bols blue actually, also the price is really good compared to the Senior.

viperr007 says:

Coffee liquor

Kevin Bakken says:

cinnamon whiskey tasting

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