Fee Brothers Blue Curacao Syrup Review

Fee Brothers Blue Curacao Syrup Review! Having a hard time finding a good blue curacao liqueur? Perhaps you need to try to find some syrup and use that instead! Or, build your own blue curacao from the syrup and work with that instead.

In any case, Fee Brothers Blue curacao is the closest thing I’ve found to a true Blue Curacao flavor to date. Tasting notes: zesty bite that’s both sweet, floral and brings the orange zest peel to the forefront of the flavor.

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itsyaboyshoy says:

Is there anywhere you know of online where I can purchase this?

BirdOfParadise777 says:

What does it taste like Derrick?
I was expecting to see the link for your online store, I forgot to save it in my favorites and forgot what it is called. Guess I’ll click on a newer vid or go to your channel page and find it.
Hope all is well:)

Henri Faulkner says:

Fair enough. Its an annoying feature of living here. At least I get to see The Hobbit first in the world =D

pwnusll says:

How much is this product.

Grimlock808 says:

always an indepth review even a casual drinker can understand, thanks again

Pablo tank says:


bonehead0816 says:

idk what google hangouts even is, but i know youtube has a livestream function, i see people livesteaming all the time on youtube, it shows up in your sub box, if your subbed to them, you click it, and it brings you to a vid that looks like a normal youtube vid but its livestream.

Giannis Mariettos says:

blue curacao is FTW!! nothing is better than it!

Josh Stuart says:

Subscribed to both your kids and your other channel, big fan of your stuff man!

noordkant says:

Just use the original Senior Curacao, the color is part of the experience.
The blue is reflects the color of the waters surrounding out Island, check my surfing video there you can see the blue waves.

Greetings from Curacao

DedotatedWham says:

What’s your opinion on Dekuyper’s blue curacao? It’s the only one I’ve had and I’m kinda split on it, I know there’s supposed to be a hint of bitterness but it almost seemed like a chemical bitterness, like too-much-food-color bitter, idk.

maximary777 says:

it’s bitter but it’s also a little sweet very hard to find on this island i ate them before so i can assure you its edible where they make the curacao liquer …. a place called landhuis chobolobo i got to taste one …but im a person that can actually eat lime so i don’t know if that’s the main reason people say it’s not edible but here in curacao some people definitely eat it i can assure you that

bonehead0816 says:

why dont you just stick them on youtube yourself?

itsyaboyshoy says:


bonehead0816 says:

why not just go exclusively youtube? along with posting on itunes, and do your livestreaming on youtube, seems to be what most of the ‘bigger’ youtubers do now with live streaming so all their viewers can see it easier.

wekeepitlive says:

Good review. You should review more Fee brothers products.

Jordan Weber says:

@everydaydrinkers I was talking about you should try Christian Brothers Brandy. Check out there website. It’s all I drink when it comes to choosing Brandy. I used the Senior with my Brandy, I wonder if there would be any difference in the two curacao’s besides maybe color..

bonehead0816 says:

hmm not sure, but i know tipsy bartender i believe livestreams with youtube, i rarely watch him but have seen his livestream once and a while. along with a lot of the gamers and stuff they all stream right on youtube. and anyone who is subbed to you on youtube will see it on their home page and can comment in the live chat just right on youtube, its the best way to stream IMO

Chad A says:

Great idea on your other channel.. you’ve inspired me to start my own review blog so I’ll definitely be checking that out!! Keep the awesomeness going!!!!

Henri Faulkner says:

Its more the fact that I live in New Zealand. normally to get something shipped it costs around $30. I don’t know how amazon prime works but from experience those things are normally for north america only.

Henri Faulkner says:

and the timezone difference. New Zealand is 16 hours ahead of EDT, though I guess it will be 14 hours after day light savings. You guys are just behind the eight ball from the get go.

bonehead0816 says:

ok, but atleast with the livestream, who not livestream on youtube?

bighappie624 says:

can you help i cant seem to find any blue curacao in any of my stores where i live do you get yours any where in particularl?

bonehead0816 says:

is it your typing thats bad or is it a youtube glitch? ive seen it in a few of your old videos too.

Chloe R. Duquette says:

I live in Canada, got any idea where I can get it ?

Jordan Weber says:

Christian Brothers Brandy Shommer…Christian Brothers it’s all you need to know!

StrafingMoose says:

Derrick, speaking of syrups, have you ever had/seen falernum ? I’ve seen a seemingly delicious cocktail recipe that had some in it, it’s apparently one of these obscure syrups used and maitai’s and stuff. Took me ages to find orgeat…

maximary777 says:

im from curacao and laraha is edible it’s like a combination of lime and orange

BirdOfParadise777 says:

Yes, I meant the Orgeat, I had not heard of it.
I meant the link to the web site it’s self.

bonehead0816 says:

most big youtubers have stopped livestreaming other places and only stream right on youtube now

bonehead0816 says:

‘Or, build your own blue cura?ao from the syrup’ on the description of the vid, just thought i would let ya know

Henri Faulkner says:

Its always annoying having to buy something small like this over the internet because the shipping costs more then the product.

bonehead0816 says:

yeah def not the hang out thing then, the youtube livestream is like a traditiona stream, just you on cam and everyone else chatting through text. just like a normal stream

bighappie624 says:

i live in california ,fresno! 🙂

TheTravisthefairy says:

Maybe I could look at that. Is it cheaper that curacao of curacao?

Chad A says:

That’s cool.. Way to got to kinda give back. I’m super excited to see it. I doubt I’ll ever do vids.. who knows but I just love being able to talk about new and exciting beers and liquor!

bonehead0816 says:

livestreaming on youtube has nothing to do with google + its just like livestreaming anywhere else only on youtube. you post comments just like you would with a normal video only its live. and after the livestream no video will stay or anything. i believe its a partner only thing, which im guessing your a youtube partner?

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