Graveyard Cocktail

If this doesn’t hurt in the morning than you’re not human. We’ve got gin, vodka, bourbon, scotch, triple sec, tequila and rum. But wait,t here is more: two different styles of beer included. We’re using an IPA and a dark Stout.

The Be Open Bottle Opener:

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mrsierraleone007 says:

he makes a lot of alcohol drinks. I wonder if he is an alcholist.

John Misener says:

what was that thing you use to crack the beer open

BurgisWilright says:

Haha, at the beginning he’s practically hiding behind the bottles!

Tweezil Pson says:

the bottle opener made me go O.o but hey, try to just mix the alcohols and take it as a shot instead 😛 Goes straight to ur head 😀

mrsierraleone007 says:

Oh god thats a lot of spirit and two beers in one drink. Isnt that alcohol abuse

Andrew Barabat says:

4:09 ahahahahahaha

sajor10nemrac says:

@everydaydrinkers love the way you open bottles too!

Kenny Jay says:

I see you have a Absinthe dripper. I have not seen a video of you drinking Absinthe. If you have a video can you please tell me and if you don’t can you please make one? I want to see how you drink it

slugger1983 says:

Badass bottle opener!

Tyler Sandel says:

drink this like water at the bar and makes me happy

Johnathon says:

lol, MI is Michigan.

Shane Farrell says:

Hello puke nice to see you again

Nathan Harvey says:

No offense but you did the liquor proportions super wrong it’s supposed to be an ounce of each alcohol/liquor that’s why you didn’t get the alcohol taste

tropico79 says:

What kind of bottle opener is that?

TheTeckilatonik says:

wow thx soo much for the cocktail with beer!!! but ill love to see one wich is more sweeter…

on mexico ive tasted a cocktail named “bomba” (bomb) and it had like beer, blackberries, vodka, lemons and chily dust, with some valentina. tasted nice but not sure of the ingredients…

jlmhalo2fan says:

mi=MIchigan wooot awesome dude

bonehead0816 says:

how does the bottle opener work, like does it have a purpose, like to not damage the cap or something or is it just like that to look cool


You are a horrible mixer

James Heilman says:

“So use your best judgement”

Bud..if you were using your best judgement you wouldnt br mixing this in the first place lmfao. Why not just forward this to shoenice

Jesse says:

pftt 1/4 oz.
you’re supposed to use an ounce of each liquor.
The worst part about this is even with an ounce of each, you hardly taste the alcohol.

AzuriteT3 says:

pro tip… check beer-advocate for ABV. that’s where i start when researching beer. they haven’t steered me wrong yet. thank god for smartphones.


cory_i says:

“They kinda wanted to bring in the idea of…*sniff* mmm… putting out a spirit.”
Made me chuckle.

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