Hardee’s Sliders Single Double Triple (Reed Reviews)

Hardee’s Single Double Triple Review

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D.MYST says:

Hardee’s has the best burgers of all the fast food chains. They are even better than Carl’s Jr.

Raffa Miami says:

Sucks we don’t have Hardees in Miami anymore … always liked that place …

Regan. says:

your ex wife would hate these. there’s not nearly enough meat for her.

Scott Morigeau says:

12 inch slider. Lol.

CrazyWyatt says:

Please review Taco Bell $5 Nacho Fries Box.

N Stone says:

Sitting here waiting on my flight to Miami diggin the reviews. Review Arby’s sliders if you have not already.

Chubzdoomer says:

You ended up with a quadruple stacker, LOL!

LOYAL WizardCR says:

I just came here… new to me. Nice vids!

jpnm81 says:

exwife might like a little coloring on her meat

Joshua Sparr says:


Pablo Garcia says:

Reed please review Taco Bell’s beef grilled stuft burrito your gonna want 2 of them !

david friend says:

Malcom slides in his meat into u ex wife homemade pussy

Dr.Mantis Toboggan says:

What’s Malcolm’s last name?

TideFan01 says:

I dont think ive seen you review nothing that wasnt simply amazing to you also your suppose to be southern what are you calling coke pop for?

MO Silver says:

They also have the doubles on sale for $1, between 2 to 5pm, at least for the next few weeks. They are good, I think the box would like one, also…

Travis Simpson says:

Check out the new Starbucks molten chocolate cold drink!

Rashad Bruhh says:

I agree it seem like Hardees starting to run out of new ideas

GreatBeyond74 says:

Meanwhile the ex wife is pushing a homemade candy bar into Malcolm’s mouth

Supermonkey 1964 says:

You can get the Double Slider for only $1 each during Happy Hour (2-5pm) and that’s really a great deal! I love them. 🙂

Rountree1985 says:

Bojangles fish sandwich: the Bojangler

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