How To Make A Cadillac Margarita With Grand Marnier by Rockin Robin

Do you know what makes a margarita a cadillac margarita? I’ll show you in this video!
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Make your next margarita a cadillac margarita by adding Grand Marnier. You just float it on top right at the end. The orange flavored cognac really adds a new dimension to your margaritas.

1 shot of Tequila
2 shots of sweet and sour mix
1/2 shot of Triple Sec
1/2 shot of lime juice, bottled
1/2 shot of Grand Marnier

Cut a piece of lime and rim your highball glass with fresh lime juice. Dip the glass into margarita salt. Fill the glass with ice.

Add some ice to a shaker and add all the ingredients except the Grand Marnier. Shake for a few seconds and pour into the glass. Float the Grand Marnier on top of the margarita and add a slice of lime for garnish. Enjoy! And Drink responsibly. for more drink recipes.

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Rockin Robin
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juzuvloke says:

Are you using a 2oz shot glass here? Looks like it.


oh crap, i’ve been using grand mariner in place of triple sec:( i thought it was the same thing thanks for the video

carpe diem says:

triple sec, sweet and sour mix, bottled lime juice??? After all this low grade ingredients why not just get some margarita mix and some Phillips tequila..yuck

Dominique Parish says:

Why triple and grand Marnier?

Mikestime22 says:

It takes a full shot of grand marnier

Master Blaster says:

Lost me at Sweet and sour. Yuck…

Rockin Robin Cooks says:

Yes we did add a new camera. Thanks for noticing!

D L says:

horrible recipe!


Worst margarita ever

workrelatedproject says:

Does the canned lime juice taste better?

Gabriela Aguirre says:

Tastes great!

Maggie Fishel says:

My husband makes all different kinds of margaritas and we thought this was good.  We have never made anything with Grand Marnier and we enjoyed it.

Dynamite Gaming says:

nice, mine has life bits of what I assume to be mould. any recommendations?

Cipher Oceanus says:


theresa bollman says:

Looks really good. Thank you.

Oui Oui says:

1,5oz Good tequila reposado, 1oz freshly squeezes lime juice, 0,5oz Grand Marniers….i build it directly into cold “rocks glass” and stir it like a martini, although this will dilute the favor it wont do it as much a shaking it

BM30 HB says:

And the alcoholics will complain in 1,2,3 and GO

Jonathan D. says:

nice keke

A Taylor says:

Tried this and was really good!!

Marti Ethridge says:


Matthew S. says:

1.) NEVER use bottled “lime juice” when you can use real limes…

2.) The author used triple sec, a random sour mix, and gran marnier in place of either gran marnier, cointreau, or orange curacao. Pick one of the 3 or use 1 of the 3 in conjunction with agave syrup for sweetness.

3.) Use sea salt if you don’t want to buy “marg salt”, it’s the same thing. Table salt doesn’t work well because the grains are too small so it’s saltier.

A cadillac marg is 2 parts tequila, 1 part orange liquor, and 1 part lime juice. You can also play around with the liquors and try substituting a little with agave nectar.

If it’s bitter be careful about not pressing limes too hard, people get too much of the peel and those oils are bitter.

LosMobstars says:

this looks pretty awesome! I will do this on the weekend for my family! thanks for sharing!

Rockin Robin Cooks says:

Absolutely not! But for the times you would like to have a margarita you might want to consider the Cadillac margarita. Enjoy!

Robert Lane says:

I’m sorry, a Cadillac  is lime juice , Grand Marnier and good tequila . No sweet and sour or triple sec that’s just a cheap margarita

dharmendra yadav says:

Nice margarita ma’am

scye1 says:

You trying to get us messed up! I love it lol

Viana G says:

Did you change camera or lighting? Last video and this one seem crisper and clearer.

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