How to Make Homemade Triple Sec aka Orange Liquor

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In this free mixology video Clint will show you how to make homemade Triple Sec or a traditional Orange liquor. This is a great party favorite and a must have behind the bar. Let us know what you think about our recipe. If you don’t know how to make simple syrup than please view our simple syrup video at:

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Tweezie1111 says:

can i use orange bitters instead of the flower water?

barefootgarden says:

All that pith gotta be bitter as shit

Linda Penney says:

Awesome update

ilana0507 says:

do you have to add orange flower water?

saravanan dilip says:

I would like try all the liqueur recipes. But am very skeptical after hearing about methanol poisoning in home made booz. Will adding the orange peels cause any fermentation and formation of methanol. Also is it safe to make mead or cider at home

Giich says:

Super cool, but stop wiping your hands on jeans :)))


Dominik MJ says:

Not a good recipe. Good orange liqueur [triple sec curacao type or orange curacao type] is made without juice. Juice will make it with time taste muddy. Further the juice and the water is bringing the proof to much down [good orange liqueur has a 40% proof].
The solution is, to make a sugar maceration [similar to oleo saccharum] and dump this [without any further liquid] in the vodka [or if you are attempting orange curacao like Grand Marnier you can dump it into brandy or golden rum].

Wasiq Mohammad says:

have you ever mixed the home made tripple sec with the tequilla and home squessed lemons and lime

chivo4me says:

Can you make this with any fruit?

Robert Seviour says:

May I politely request you to enunciate your words more clearly. I found it difficult to make out rather a lot of what you said –  I am a native English speaker, 

jblz07 says:

amazing i use to want to make an all natural fast food resteraunt and youv made it with liquer niceee keep it up love the videos

Ken Chan says:

If you added the orange skins, why not also the flesh to give more flavor??

asdfasdfas says:

Why would I need to make the cheapest possible kind of liquor at home? You can buy it for the same price as the cheap vodka you’re using to make it with. What’s the point?

todd says:

If the heat of the simple syrup helps to extract flavor from the orange peel, wouldn’t it make sense to wait for it to seep a bit before adding the vodka? Otherwise, the vodka cools the mixture down too quickly.

Frances Rodgers says:

Hi! I love your channel, looking forward to watching more of your videos. Quick question: I just made my own Grand Marnier and Limoncello, and the biggest tip I found online was that I should avoid the pith when using my orange/lemon peels. Is the potato peeler an effective tool for that? I used a microplaner and it took FOREVER.

mattdeanmusic says:

Seeing as you’ve already watered down the vodka at least 50/50 already with all the water and jiuce i’d suggest you let the liquid cool to lower than 79 Celsius, unless you like vaporising the alcohol you just paid for…

Grehund says:

When will we see the video of the finished product?

QueenBoadicea says:

I’m wondering why you would need to add orange flower water for flavor. Surely all those oranges would provide all the flavor you need.

01_LovelyCreation says:

im not crazy about orange flavors; what other fruit could I use?

Lee Martin says:

Is that a metal whisk cliff is using on a teflon pan? wow! mom told me that’s a big no-no.

Rumble Shakes says:

Can you use gin instead of vodka?

Desert Diamond Distillery says:

Oh yeah, I used Gold Miner Vodka, it’s a sugar cane based vodka and it’s fabulous with this recipe. 🙂

eathealthier4u says:

I have used your recipe and everyone loves it, but I use Gold Miner brand Vodka (sugar can based) and it is delicious in a Margarita with the Gold Miner brand Agave Rum!

Max Faleyev says:

can you make it non alcoholic?

Lala Shelala says:

I was wondering if you have to remove the pith? It seems like he did not, so I am really amazed.

theprima01 says:

Thank you sooooo much

goldenredphoenix says:

Am I supposed to store in cool dark place or in fridge. He said in the fridge at the end and Now I’m confused. 

Desert Diamond Distillery says:

I have made it and used it.  It is outstanding.  We use 1.5 oz Gold Miner Agave rum, 2 oz of Stonewall Kitchen Margarita mix (all natural yum), and 1 oz of this triple sec.  You just made the best tasting margarita ever…

Bob Johnson says:

I would suggest completely cooling the liquid before adding the vodka. You don’t want to evaporate the alcohol by adding to the hot liquid. 

Tyler Hughes says:

Real recipe: pour light rum on the zest let sit covered at room temp for 7 or 10 days strain out peels make a simple syrup of equal parts water and sugar. Add simple syrup to the alcohol until it’s as sweet as you like. If you’re drinking this with dessert or as an cordial I would use less syrup if using as a mixer for margaritas I’d use a bit more…. Bonus 7 oz high quality hot chocolate 1 oz homemade orange liqour

frekvenca says:

So how did it turn out? I’m missing the results…

vermylenp says:

do u need vodka to have alcohol in it

Wasiq Mohammad says:

is their any way to speed the process would distilling make it faster

Bipole Moments says:

I have a question how hot is the water when you add it. I’m curious because it seemed like it may be hot enough to cook away some of the alcohol. That plus all the water would make it quite weak unless some fermentation happened and made up for it. I’m not sure but would like to know before I try this.

saravanan dilip says:

Does methanol form while making liqueur at home. Is this process safe?

val m says:

yeah… hey…  you never “got back to see the progress”.  oops.

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