How To Make The Agave Dream

We are bringing Mariposa Agave Liqueur to the scene, front and center. A cocktail that brings more agave than it does tequila. The recipe: 1 1/2 oz Mariposa Agave Liqueur, 1 oz Malibu Red, 1/2 oz Triple Sec

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SpermProductionz says:

nice video 😀

Gegit05 says:

No, I just mean that triple sec(whatever brand you like) is such a basic ingredient that’s so intrinsic to so many cocktails, it’s a staple in every liquor store. If your neighbourhood liquor store doesn’t carry some form of triple sec, it’s tough to call it a liquor store, and they’re probably just carrying beer and wine. I keep Cointreau and Grand Marnier at all times, and use Cointreau as my house triple sec. I go through a ton of it, because it’s such a common ingredient.

Marijn Struijlaart says:

I guess cointreau is a good substitute for the luxardo triplum

Raphael Vierlinger says:

Amazing!!! Luxardo Triplum is available for 20 bucks in Austria!!!!

Mike says:

I wish that stuff were available in Germany

Øystein Vereide says:

This got me thirsty!

JustOneAsbesto says:

Oh yeah. I bet Doug can use a shake-weight REEEEEAAAAAL good.

Pope Gains says:

I love the fact that you have a connection with your fans and you don’t just let them comment and talk to themselves like a bunch of youtubers… all of youtubers. Keep up the amazing work my good man I’ve been watching you for about 1 year now and I love your show infact I left a recipe on your facebook the Final flash one… Eitherway thanks for the show, I LOVE IT!!

gny310 says:

he fail lmao -,-

A1r93 says:

Make something with absinthe in it. Like an “earthquake” or “Death in the afternoon”

Andrew Marquez says:

QOTD: I usually come up with a name based on how it looks. Whatever comes to mind.

Direwolf56 says:

2:24 The voice, the hand motion, goodness you crack me up

subconcious790 says:

The way I name a drink is either by color, whats in it or naming it for what group of people like it. I’m working on a drink named Swamp Donkey because many of my friends are the “rednecks” who do all that mudding and what not and thats what they call certain girls who get around. So thats how the name came to be while others are named for color or whats in them.

Doug Petersen says:

With my right arm I can.

Gegit05 says:

Both valid points, I just misunderstood what you were saying. I buy Cointreau, because it performs in every drink I’ve ever wanted it to quite admirably. I spend about CAD$35 on a 750mL bottle of Cointreau, and haven’t ever even considered buying anything else. I’d use Senor Curacao of Curacao for blue curacao, but it isn’t available to me, and I don’t like blue curacao enough to really search for any. Bol’s fills my needs admirably.

Marcus Soldate says:

Ain’t nothing wrong with classy drinks…:)

Doug Petersen says:

Nope. Cousin via marriage.

balagel says:

Is that your brother in law? He kind of looks like your wife.

Doug Petersen says:

Not sure if I’m curious to try a Swamp Donkey, or kinda turned off from the description…

Doug Petersen says:

Hugs and kisses on all the pink parts, amirite?

BlaqFrost Ikigai says:

I thought it was comical how it seemed that Derek was checkin out how Doug was preparing the drink…haha. Just because it isn’t done YOUR way, doesn’t make it wrong…Just Kiddin’

Gegit05 says:

3:28. If you have a hard time getting some variety or another of triple sec, you probably aren’t doing much for mixing drinks. Doug, when you came up with this and decided to use that tired ice from the shaker in the drink, did you do that because you found that extra dilution served to benefit what was going on?

I’ll have to try and find that Mariposa, or a comparable product. Doesn’t seem to be available in my area yet…

yenndimak says:

QOTD: i havent ventured into inventing any cocktails i always have had the mindset like someone somewhere probably has already made it lol

ilovecheese123456781 says:

Melon Tree:
1 1/2 oz Midori
1 oz White Rum
1 oz Southern Comfort
1/2 oz Lime Juice
1 oz Lemonade

Shake and strain in an old-fashioned glass.

Clocker 1 says:

I have a drink its called the green thumb
2oz of vodka titos vodka
4oz v8 greeens ( not as bad as people think it is)
1oz of pineapple juice ( already in v8 but wanted little more)
and splash of lemon juice or a lemon slice
It seems pretty good!!!

Pope Gains says:

your show always seems to make me happier 😀 thanks for it.

Doug Petersen says:

yeah, what this guy seconded.

Gegit05 says:

I’m just saying that it’s tough to mix drinks when you can’t get your hands on triple sec, because it’s such a common ingredient. By far my most-used ingredient.

Oh, and your Luxardo Triplum is probably distilled in Italy(Luxardo being an Italian company), so it’s probably pretty widely available in Europe.

Doug Petersen says:


Doug Petersen says:

Go drink then! (and do it responsibly kthnx)

subconcious790 says:

Well its still a work in progress but I’m trying to make it as a “It was good at the time but I definitely regret it” which is hard cause I’m mostly using dark liquor, beer and whatever else you would find around a big bonfire and a bunch of lifted trucks

Gegit05 says:

Daily Q: Names are tricky. I occasionally name based on a distinct flavour and/or colour, but mostly, I make variations of existing drinks more than brand-new original creations. So I pick names that still tie them to the inspiring cocktail. A Bloody Mary made with gin over vodka, kicked with hot peppers and spices, becomes Hot Mary’s Blood. A Tom Collins-style drink with an ingredient change becomes ____ Collins, depending on that ingredient shift. That kind of thing.

That’s a great Daily Q.

Doug Petersen says:

Send us the recipes!

Doug Petersen says:

Cointreau and Grand Mariner are both good substitutes for triple sec, or for each other.

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