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LJ70 says:

Wow the quality of this video is insane! Love it! 🙂 also glad I’m not the only one who can’t be bothered to wash my hair after a work out every time. Love that trick!

Mara A. says:

How old is Tati? She looks flawless

allwaswell89 says:

how old is tati?

Izziebiz says:

Between you and Tati, you are 100% more genuine

Kai Marie says:

Rub the shirt together where the deodorant mark is to get rid of it haha. Sounds weird but it works.

Siren says:

Ahh, I love Tati.

Melissa Young Melfashioncat says:

Love your videos fluer

allwaswell89 says:

tatis teeth look so fake and creepy

Suzie Tran says:

Fleur, I hope you stay sweet and lovely and no drama!

GKJ says:

I absolutely LOVE it when you guys collab on videos! I wish you 2 lived in the same country so it could happen more often. Your friendship always puts a smile on my face!

Christina Davidis says:

You’re right about the mosquito bite appearance on the legs, and ‘light blue’ was an obsession of mine too, 3 years ago I needed to smell it, it was just so good.

toxigenic says:

Mitchum was what my mom used when I was growing up (80s) and has always been my fall back deodorant. I just bought Secret Clinical Strength and am really floored by how dry and nice smelling I am despite the hot weather. I think I found my new favorite.

Brooklyn Phillips says:

For a second I was asking myself “What are musky toe bites?” American problems haha! Love the colab

Honeysuckle says:

Oooh the Body Shop Skin defense looks like a great sunscreen. I love how you mentioned it is serum like. I’m sold! I hate when they turn out greasy and gross. Thanks for the rec!

Brynna Rachelle says:

You’re both so beautiful <3

Nia Naval says:

Tati keeps interrupting Fleur! I’m a loyal Tati fan and am just on Fleur’s channel for the first time but wow it’s bothering me how often it’s happened

Madelynne Lavett says:

I love love love the wet brush! So many people don’t, but omg, having super long, fine hair, it’s amazing!

Nancy Xavier says:

I love the rituals foaming gel, most scents are great!!!

MsEffervescence says:

That “ahhh” raised eyebrow bit around 1.08 is SO like Mike!

Bobbie Jo Ulmer says:

If you’re into natural deodorant (like no aluminum chlorides) try Piper Wai! It’s all natural and actually works! I have hyperhidrosis and tried everything under the sun with no avail. At one point I used prescriptions / Botox to keep it under control- with Piper Wai I am covered for at least 12 hours! So amazing.

Emma Angeline says:

urgh both makeup baes, such love

Petronella Wessman says:

ANTI-WHITE DEODORANT STAIN HACK: Rub your white deodorant stains with nylon stockings.
For some reason, the nylon fabric picks up or crumbles off the white stains. Can’t see it on the clothes you’re wearing, can’t see it on the stockings.
(At least if British/American deodorants are anything like Swedish.)

allwaswell89 says:

the brush looks like a standard hair brush

Nikki Morris says:

Poor Tati!! She just talks over you!! I’m from the south, and we consider it rude!!!

thattiffanyp says:

I used to use light blue back in my teens (many many moons ago), but I don’t even remember what it smells like? like not even a little bit.
I have the same thing sometimes with fragrances where I see something that is older and enjoy the smell but feel like I need to go with something newer.

Akkszz says:

Tati’s Highlight are always amazing!

Kristy Napier says:

I have used Mitchum before but I have found that I like the scent and performance of Degree the original formulation not the motion sense. No streaks and no sweat.

Laura Pierson says:

I think i’m going to have to try the wet brush now

Anika says:


butfirstcoffee says:

nooo, they don’t sell the sunblock in the U.S.!! :'(

Tom Ripley says:

Tati is stunning.

Cristina Orozco says:

I love this video…. Saw part 1 on tati’s channel! Subscribed!

Terry Fischer says:

Don’t you guys have air conditioning?  Why is it so hot inside?

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