[MOD] Triple Nerf Rival Nemesis Modification | 1,200 Round Capacity!

I’ve combined three Nerf Rival Nemesis blasters, bumped up the power, and given it a capacity of around 1,200 Rival rounds. #OP_AF

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The dart net/target unit featured is made with Blaster Boards. You can buy them on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2nLqojN
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P Rand says:


Soviet Russia says:


Darth Tyranus says:

This would be fun in a king of the hill type of scenario

Stuart K. Seels says:

Could you set this up like Heisenberg from Breaking Bad??? i.e. The automatic fire, raking from one side to the other? Almost like the sentry guns from Aliens???

George G Sarvay says:

This looks soooo overkill. BUT SO AWESOME!

Rory Norriss says:

When the promethious comes out , to triple promethious

왕코잔털맨 says:

this is predetor or killbot

Kunge Li says:

sick mod

Christian Sun says:

Puting wheels on the tripod. Just too OP.

Paul Karyakos says:

Coop, what the actual #&*$

George G Sarvay says:

Wow he controlled all his pervy jokes!

SturfryCrazyFox says:

Need a sentry here

Fergus Armour says:

Please do a combo video for this please

Mark Andrews says:

zip tie triggers. and spin it…

llamaboi946 says:

Why does the retaliator come with a grip of one hand is on the top and one on the handle?????

Stuart K. Seels says:

On firing… You look happier than Mr. Happy in happy land!!!
NEXT…… TRIPPLE Prometheus?!?!?!
This is like what I wanted to do with two Nerf Havok/Vulcans! I wanted to make one a ‘mirror’ of the other so that they fed from opposite sides & looked like an anti-aircraft gun! (still don’t know if that would work…)

Nerfer BG says:

Hey coop,
Rotofury vs Surgefire, pls?

Kody Waters says:


Destroyer6283 Galvin says:

Can you make a semi auto cronos. That looks like the DC-17 blaster from star wars

ImAmNotAWeeb says:

Tachanka Buff?

Damy Veneman says:

Do a review of your cat xD

Ghostdragon529 says:

It’s a Jolt reskin

Rachel Dorris says:


Luke Schweyer says:

I subscribed also great job

bub hamson says:

Good jop coop u made a rival turret

cameron 倪 says:

That is just beast mode

Graham Turner says:

Coop needs to do an April Fools joke this year.

dragonblaster 10,000 says:

420 ball challenge

Awsometerminator ! says:

It’s tachanca

EmeraldBerry 179 says:

Love your vids due, absolutely amazing

coco Moody says:

Germans preping for d-day colorised

Ehren Milham says:

If nemesis is a jolt resin does this make it a triad?

Omar Ahmed says:

430 darts now!!!!!!!

DragonZ641 says:

Aye this is bastions turret in real life and in nerf form (bastion from overwatch if u were wondering who bastion is).

Kody Waters says:

220 mony i lik the gun

Daylight At Night says:


tf2- funny moments and stuff says:


Mr. Realism
When he gets shot, he acts as if it really happened (ex. Lays on ground, Dies)

The “Geared cheater”

The guy who think that having Armor,helmet etc. Can make him invincible

Ben's GT&M says:

That’s one insane mod!!!


Coop please do (all nerf sights)

Stuart K. Seels says:

Dude, I lost track of how many times you said ‘balls’ & not ONCE did you make a joke… ???

Uzumaki Channel says:

The year 3000 called, they want their triad back

Azlina Baharin says:

It is long time to make it??

Landen Taylor says:

I need you to please modify my modulus I need a new improved modulus

Stephen Reed says:

I’ll take Twenty.

PickleToons says:

Now you have to do the triple Prometheus

Z-Tech Gaming says:

Coop plz read this I wanted to bye the new islands sharpshooter but the link in that video is darts

goharashraf says:

Imagine mounting this on an ATV, outdoor nerf wars would be awesome

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