Here it is finally! I hope that I answered all of your questions!!
+ My Fitness Routine –
+ May Favorites –

Products Mentioned:
+ Living Proof Shampoo/Conditioner –
+ Kristin Ess Shampoo/Conditioner –
+ Dry Bar Sea Salt Spray –
+ Kristin Ess Volumizing Mousse –
+ Bumble & Bumble Pret-a-Powder –
+ Dry Bar Triple Sec –

My Shirt (it is from Madewell but it is sold out, this one is similar) –

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Ivy Marie says:

Where is this shirt from?

KidrauhlOurIdol says:

Hello Kristin I’m French, and i really like your video since I discover your channel one week ago, and Marcus too. You are so beautiful, you look so nice, friendly! Don’t change, you are perfect both, with Camper of course 🙂

Jessica Knight says:

Do you have a dry shampoo suggestion for someone with tragically thin hair? I’ve tried some before but it made my hair more greasy feeling than before. Thanks 😉

incalescent says:

does anyone know what lip color kristin is wearing?

Charlotte Renelt says:

Your hair is amazing!!!!!

Julia Olszewska says:

Please tell me what do You use for your smile? You have really bright teeth❤️❤️❤️

Shannon Hoey says:

What type of haircut do you have?

paige beattie says:

what lipstick are you wearing?

Kristin Johns says:

Another new video is coming on Sunday so don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE! I love you guys, xoxo

Katie O'Connor says:

Do you have any product recommendations for frizzy hair? Thank you!

Laura Urip says:

Kristin, thank you for always inspiring me to be kind, patient, and let me just say that you are a constant reminder of God’s love.

Annelies Meurrens says:

Could you do an updated video on how you curl your hair? 🙂

Hannah Lawson says:

Can you do a video on how to curl or style or do beach waves pleaseeee love your curls!! X

Galy CM says:

Omg what s your hair colour??? I like it

Li Ly says:

How often do you wash your hair?

Sweet Planner Princess says:

I did the same thing with my hair just a few months ago – it used to go down to my but and now its under my chest.

Caite B says:

How do you part your hair when it’s wet or after a shower???? :))

Ashley Cary says:

do you still have eyelash extensions? if so, what eyeliner do you use with them?

Meagan Honea says:

You should do some tutorials on your hairstyles! I know some of them are probably simple but your crazy messy buns/poneys give me life

Lydia Cothran says:

Can you share about your prayer life? or how u study the bible?

Sarah Austin says:

I would do anything to have hair that looks that good air-dried!

Emily Molino says:

Hi Kristin! I was watching basically all of your videos and saw that you had a P.O. Box when you lived in Tallahassee but do you have one now? I would love to write you! Xoxo

hamnah razzak says:

Kristin johns do u have thin hair?

carebearcola says:

She’s obsessed with volume and I want to get rid of it! I wish I had her hair instead of thick frizzy curly mess

Alanna Maher says:

Your natural color is GORGEOUS. I wouldn’t ever want to dye it girl lol

Trisha David says:

what type of haircut do you have?

Amelia Martinez says:

It always looks so soft and perfect!!!!!!

Hanna Holmberg says:

I know you did a hair curling video but can you do an updated one since the one you did was in 2015? Love you ❤️

Woody Yep says:

Your hair is so similar to mine. I’ve been trying to find out how to get more volume. Going to try out some of these products!!

Lindalixious says:

When kristin’s new hair length is still your dream length for hair ._.

Olivia Struve says:

Kristin where did you and Marcus get Camper? My husband and I are looking to get a golden and Camper’s personality is perfect!! What breeder did you use??

Addie Woerner says:

Hi! I would LOVE for you to go through your makeup geek collection! You mentioned maybe doing it in one of your last videos, and I’m really curious what you have!! Love your videos so much, you are the reason I am in love with everything beauty related! ❤️❤️

kayla kaufman says:

Kristin you inspire me I wanna be like you when I’m older your relationship with the lord and your beautiful self inside and out I wanna be like you <3

francisca says:

Kristin you’re like an older sister to me. I am so glad I found your channel, your videos inspire me everyday to follow my dreams.

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