“One of each please” at The Manabar, a Video Game Cocktail Bar Review

Blunty is on a mission to sample each and every video game themed cocktail and Shot on the specialty menu at the ManaBar, Australia’s first video game bar!

“Featuring next generation video game systems available to play 7 days a week with the latest, greatest, and most social games available. You’ll even be able to play games before they’re released!
With unique events every night of the week, exclusive prizes and giveaways, and the ability to buy new games behind the bar as well!
The Mana Bar is one of Australia’s most funky drinking venues, with a unique selection of drinks and custom cocktails on offer.. Curently located in Brisbane and opening early 2011 in Melbourne!”

HUGE thanks to the crew at the Manabar for being superb hosts for my Alcoholic experiment, it was an unforgettable experience.
A reinvigorating tipple built on a foundation of Bacardi Superior Rum, flavoured with Disaranno Amaretto then balanced with a splash of fresh lemon juice. Shaken with a touch of Triple sec and served straight up with a large measure of cranberry juice.

An exhilarating blend of 42 Below Vodka, apple pressé and the bluest of Blue Curacao’s, all shaken with fresh lime and charged with sparkling white wine served straight up.

Masses of Bacardi Superior Rum smashed with fresh lime, mint leaves, sweetened with a teaspoon of brown sugar and blended with sparkling water.

Passionfruit Pulp blended with Bombay Sapphire Gin shaken with fresh lemon and gomme syrup, served long then lengthened with a giant splash of chilled soda water.

A giant slug of 42 Below Vodka blended with pulverised ginger root and tabasco sauce, with a fresh hit of lime topped up with Bundaberg Ginger Beer.
Last on the list of specialty cocktails was the

Light long refreshing peach-flavoured attack with a large measure of Bombay Sapphire Gin, fresh lemon juice and Australian peaches muddled with a touch of peach liquor, served long and topped with sparkling water.


A dual layer of Blue Curacao above DeKuyper Sour Grapefruit & raspberry cordial fight colourfully to the death.

A sweet, fruity combination of 42 Below Passionfruit Vodka, DeKuyper Apple Schnapps and grenadine. And it’s purple.

A mischievous integration of Blavod and Opal Nera (Black Sambuca) for a liquorice-flavoured kick in the teeth.

A tasty sour blend of Cazadores Blanco Tequila, lime juice and Triple Sec with a backhand of DeKuyper Mandarin Schnapps.

McKenna Bourbon and Southern Comfort with a dash of Taric Acid create a monstrous challenge for the real men.

42 Below Vodka, tomato juice, garlic, Tabasco sauce, salt and pepper go together to execute a bloody fatality.

A chocolatey mix of Hennessy Cognac and Dark Cacao lurking tastily beneath whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles.


GranTruismo4head says:

@ShadowSoldior O.o I dont remember him saying that

Jared Kernop's Channel says:

That Imp shot glass kicks ass

Tomis Muska says:

shit thats a lot of alc lawl

SexyFish says:

thumbs up if you clicked on this video bcuz of the zero punctuation logo on it.

Cannon Productions says:

When I turn 18, I am going to celebrate my manhood by going to this bar, all thanks to you, Blunty! Thanks!

superdragon4ever says:

Ok I’m going to Australia for my 21st birthday. And Hopefully Yahtzee and Gabriel are there

cheater21211 says:

Nice one Aussie.

Michael Doyle says:

It’s probably in an obvious part of the description, but I couldn’t see it, so I’ll ask anyway:

Does the Mana Bar only serve cocktails/shots (signature and otherwise), or are there other, less Him-finishing beverages available too?

ShadowSoldior says:

@GranTruismo4head He said it was the Angel Island.

GranTruismo4head says:

Hey Blunty what was your favorite drink at the mana bar I know mine would possibly be the Ocarina of Lime because it refrences Zelda

birdsal432 says:

Haha, how much did you spend on all that?

Dr Left Von Fool says:

The irish must be strong in this one

GranTruismo4head says:

If this bar was in Vancouver, British Columbia, I would go to it and drink everything Blunty had, but I would after I get a FINISH HIM, I would drink another health potion, to refill myself, but afterwards i would go play some MK and after that go home, and say how fun it was.

gemma durose says:

when there once got smashed

BlacklistP226 says:

The Purple Tentacle: Prepare to be tentacle graped in the mouth.

Ryan Rognas says:

The Finish Him: A bloody mary, but not douchey.

GranTruismo4head says:

Hey Blunty whats the drinking age in Austrailia is it vaired in each province? or is it the same all over Austrailia?

Redweaver says:

Hmmmmm…are these recipies perhaps available online so I may try to recreate them. Living in the middle of America, the odds of me getting to a mana bar are unfortunately slim, but I really want to enjoy these flavors.

I may have to carefully rewatch this vid a few times and see if I can reverse engineer them.

recker18 says:

how long did your hangover last and how bad was it

Aros Irwin says:

I’ve read the ingredients of these drinks before and I almost made it to the bar in person on my trip to australia but this video is a wonderful way of actually hearing about the drinks and how they taste. I shall now attempt to make some “Finish Him”s back here in England for my friend’s birthday. It’s going to be a good night.

うんちvapourswag420うんち says:

All in one go? Why isn’t he dead?

GranTruismo4head says:

@cbfdxbxsb well Im 18 so if I was to go to the mana Bar in brisbane id be able to get drunker than anything YAY XD

fanficrocks says:

blunty, what is the name of the song in this clip??

Muzzled says:

I might consider taking a plane from Canada just to drink there.

OhManTFE says:

Holy shit you must have sunk over $200 at that place!!

MerelWithChocolat says:

All in one sitting? Impressive…

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