Today we dig through my Beauty Trash and talk about my Product Empties – for which products I’d purchase again. Please Click the Like button and comment below what you’d like to see next Sweek. Thanks so much for watching. xo’s ~ Tati

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Bliss, Fat Girl Slim – hide & glow seek
Rituals, Sakura Scrub – sugar body scrub
Supersmile, Oral rinse – original Mint
Whish, Bath & body gel – blue agave
Pink Lily, One minute manicure
Living proof, Perfect hair day – dry shampoo
Belif, Aqua gel oil
Drybar, Triple sec 3-in-1 texturizing spray
Fiona Stiles, Limitless lengths – lash sculpting mascara
Rituals, Shanti shower – soothing shower oil
Algenist, Genisus – ultimate anti-aging melting cleanser
Maybelline, Instant age rewind – treatment concealer
Babor, Reversive – anti-aging cream
Lancome, Genifique – youth activating concentrate
Milani, 2-in1 Foundation + concealer – 02 natural
Addalash, latex free – waterproof eyelash glue

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Mary Anderson says:

which caress scent do you like the best ? I love caress and I stock up on it if I find a new scent I love. not even joking i have probably 9 bottles of a new caress scent in my bathroom closet. for the life of me i can’t remember the name of it right now.

Okaykarla says:

YOU HIT 2,000,000

Katie Lady says:

You look adorable!

Elaina Doak says:

I see that happens a lot, a persons skin getting “used” to a product and then it no longer working. I have found that if a product does work for me then that happens I put it into a rotation. I’ll change products every few months to constantly trick my skin.

Mommydeb Loves says:

still lovin vids girl

Whitley Jones says:

can you try the revlon color stay whipped foundation. let us see what you think of it and the best way you think to apply it. one of the tricky ones.
and do you think its a dupe for tarte amazon clay

Kim Larrivee says:

Try a body polish from Lemongrass Spa. They come in a variety of different scents and are all wonderful! I absolutely love them!

Anushka Saxena says:

i reallly want that top lol❤❤

Margie Lugo says:

I was so glad you mentioned your dress. I was admiring it, wondering where it was from. xx’s

UselessUnicorns says:

Yes please more tutorials. So many youtube gurus don’t do makeup tutorials anymore and I LOVE your simply glam makeup I would love to recreate it!

Ham Sa says:


jennilea savage says:

Usually read comments & search videos before asking so I’m not that annoying person who has asked the same question for the 50,000,000 time BUT…not today, :D:D:D Have you tried, and if so, how would you compare the Rodan & feilds night serum (tried the sample, feels great BUT…was only 2 nights worth). Also Alterna Caviar miricle multiplying mist? I have a thing about wanting to use the same line of products for everthing (especially if the smell is great, hate to use anything that will mess with that). Heard great things about Caviar antiaging line & am looking for a shampoo & conditioner to switch up with my Pura De Ore set which I absolutely love & has stopped my 10 + year long hairloss (cant believe I have any hair left on my head)! PS, asking about the Caviar line because while I love your recs, both the living proof & dry bar brand dry shampoos were way too scented for me( good smell but too overpowering). Scent is definitely a dealbreaker for me.

Catie Parker says:


Devin Sage says:

OMFG!!! Love the dress, the makeup and the hair! So beautiful! Please could you do a review of a few of the YSL Foundations and YSL Lipsticks! Thank you for the amazing videos!!!

Pretty n Pink says:

I got a sample of the URBAN DECAY all nighter foundation…Ive used it 2 times for a concealer…even under eyes it works very well for fine lines. Of course I do use laura mercia setting powder…I know its a foundation but I liked it

Laura says:

Death Becomes Her – – OMG. I LOVED that movie – I saw it a dozen times! HAHA. Haven’t heard anyone reference that…EVER!

Amy L says:

It amazes me how ageless you always appear. Seriously, I can’t tell if you’re 50 or 20. You look graceful and wise like an older woman but also so flawless and fresh like a young adult. I guess the quality of products one puts on their face really does affect them in the long run. You’re so gosh darn pretty!

Gfon's vlogs says:

She looks absolutely stunning in this video

Qalisha Adleena says:

love ur videos..keep it up

Miki Nyckel says:

“I enjoy glowing”. Amen sista! hehe

Helen Langford says:

Hi chicks just wanted to say a really great way to body scrub is to mix almond oil or Japanese camellia oil or baby oil with white sugar you can then optionally add essential oils and glycerin whatever you want. I’ve even added grated ginger or vanilla essence. When you are finished in the shower turn off the water scrub your entire body (not face) then when you have scrubbed to your hearts content rinse away the sugar and your skin will feel amazing. I prefer this to any body scrub I’ve ever bought. I even bottle it up as a little extra stocking filler at Christmas looks beautiful in a pretty jar with some dried lavender stalks and a little Purple color lavender body oil drizzled through.

ChloeNicole says:

I love these videos they are so fun to film

Sacha Korovaichuk says:

do a video of your skin care routine

Brianne Dennis says:

You look amazing Tati

Desiree D says:


Aileen Liang says:

could not stop staring at your arms! literally only take your suggestions + recommendations

Autumn Berlin says:

Tati got her lips done again (:

perks of being a cauliflower says:

“High end toothpastes” wait what

Mercedes McMahon says:

Just went to sephora and bought the triple sec spray ! absolutely loving it so far!

Catie Parker says:

tati! do you like Rub Rub Rub from Lush? that’s my all time favorite scrub

Jenn W says:

Tati is such a pro but if she has one flaw, it’s talking for five minutes about a product and never mentioning the name, and barely waving it in front of the screen. 🙂

Mona Miller says:

Try the salt scrub from L’Occitane

No says:

Was this lady really talking about high end toothpaste?

eve says:

she looks so youthful in this! so pretty!

aliah hannan says:

please could you do a clothing haul or something to do with clothing because your clothes on your videos are ALL so pretty <3 Also, you are my favorite youtuber, so many are like too perky and loud or kind of fake but you talk as if you are talking directly to a person, and you give your honest opinion and you dont trash products or give them too much of a generous review no matter the brand <3 xx

Charlotte says:

tati can you please try grounded body scrub id love to hear your opinion … i have tried the coconut and the chocolate orange and love them both

rose gold says:

love your hair straight

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