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Hi my loves!! I hope everyone is having a great week so far! I wanted to post this video to talk about some of my favorite summer beauty products!! I wanted to leave out makeup products for this video because otherwise it would have been WAY too long. I plan on doing another video next month where I will mention some makeup products I love for the summer time!! Some of these products have been my favorites for awhile – while others are new favorites. Like I said in the video – for most of the products the brand name doesn’t matter. As long as it does what you want it to do. These are the ones that i’ve tried out and loved 🙂 I hope this video is helpful of those looking to glisten this summer!!! Comment below some of your MUST HAVE products! I love hearing your recommendations as well!! I love you muffins! XOX Carli

Seen on Me:
*White Pearl Chanel Earrings:
*OTHER Vintage Chanel Earrings:
*Bodysuit: 2 Years old Sabo Skirt
*Nail Polish Maybelline Bleached Peach
*Mini Moon Necklace:
*MAC Boldly Bare Lipliner:
*Lipstick: Sophia’s Kimichi Doll:
Get it 35% off with code; Carlibel35 OR
Lipstick 4 Pack for only $38 with code: Thankful4
*Lipgloss Shannon’s Candy Kiss:
*Get 5 Glosses for $40! Use code; carli40

Summer Must Haves:
*Body Bling Platinum
*Body Bling Original
(I recommend applying the Orginal with a Beauty blender and or a brush. It can leave a little bit of a yellowish tint to your hands)
*Kiko Shimmering Body Lotion (in store)
*Salley Hansen Airbrush Legs in Deep
*Jergons Shea Body Oil
*MDT Shade Upgrade: 15% off code; carli
*Mario Badescu Rose Water Spray
*First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream:
*Tarteguard 30 Sunscreen Lotion
*F.A.B. Ultra Repair Lip Therapy
or Bite Agave Lip Mask
or NYX Butter Lip Balm
or Dr Jardt Ceramidin Lip Balm
*Neutrogena Blotting Sheets:
*Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray
*GK Keratin Argan Oil
*Dry Bar Triple Sec 3 in 1 Spray

**Current Coupon Codes**

*Sigma Brushes:
10% off with code; CARLI10

*Bellami Hair Extensions: I love the 220g & 260g sets!
Use code: Carlibel55 for $$ off any set!!

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Meagan Monroe says:

Is that metallic tattoo ink!?! Someone pleeeease let me know if you have heard!

Becoming Insane says:

Why is your tongue green?

brooklyn fears says:

Kiko isn’t crueltyfree!! although they don’t test in the US, they do sell in China, where they require animal testing 🙁

caglacaglacagla says:

looks kim kardashian sounds mila kunis

inquire411 says:

Carli, I love watching your videos. Your personality is refreshing. I know you love being tan, as do I. My beauty must have is True Natural Self Tanner in Coconut Vanilla. It is 100 percent natural and uses the amino acids in your skin to give you a nice summer tan. It is also vegan and gluten free + smells amazing!! Can you please review it!

Jenny Ovalle says:

Where can I find the Kiko Shimmering Body Lotion?

Lahleepahp Parrot says:

Just absolutely stunning.

Anissa Gonzalez says:

I need money to be super glamorous like you! You’re stunning

M&M Papaya says:

Can you use the Mario bedescu as a setting spray?

taylor smith says:

I love you so much! Can you please make an updated must have makeup and makeup brushes?

Sidrah Bertrend says:

you look so good, love your make up

bonsang22 says:

Great video! But I was sad not to see your whole shirt, it’s so beautiful! Is it possible to see your shirt in another video?

Clare Vela says:

for the love of jesus and mary pleeeasw do a tutorial on this look. im hypnotized i would looove to sport this look out for the summer!!

Sandra A says:

I can’t use that because I’m so pale..

PandaBear 17 says:

I leget thought you were Kim kardashian I’m the thumbnail. omg

Dee says:

she seems so nice

Juicebox says:

a wannabe Kim Kardashian

sophia juarez says:

I love you Carli! I love all of your makeup tutorials.

Floppy Disk says:

where can i get Kiko Shimmering Body Lotion in australia?

Kimberlea Blair says:

Makeup tutorial on this please!

Melissa Brown says:

Love you beautiful!

Sydney Dunn says:

You look and sound exactly like Mila Kunis!!

Rose Gold says:

I wish you swatched the products

Diana Cason says:

My sweet Carli, you bring a fresh ray of sunshine to us all. LOL, spf, you are such a beautiful person. Brett is a lucky man, I’m sure he knows this. Thank you for being real, I’ve been watching you for 4 years:) thank you for YOU!!!!!

Abigail Lorenz says:

Hey Carli!! I have watched a few of your videos and noticed how long your lashes are. It is stunning. Are they falsies or natural? Either way, they are pretty.

crystal neas says:

you should stop buying neutrogena products they test on animals

Paulina Puelma says:

Hi Carly! I need some advice. I am 43, latino background and I have some real stubborn dark spots on my cheeks, Melasma was the diagnosis. I have been in trouble trying to wear makeup and sunscreen at the same time. I am following you since 6 or 8 months ago, and really like your tutorials, but sometimes I felt like nothing work on my face! And I have a bunch of different brands of moisturizers, sunscreens, primers, foundations, bb creams ,etc. ( from expensive to cheap…almost all)
I always follow your recommendations. Love your palette by the way! So gorgeous!!!!
Since you are talking about sun care in this video, I want to ask you if you wear sunscreen everyday or just sometimes. I need to wear it EVERYDAY ! 🙁 * In fact all of us need to wear it every day.. even if it is cloudy!!!! You know! *
And how you layered them with primers, foundations and everything else than comes after and don’t look like a cake!!!!
Sometimes, I felt like wear serums, moisturizers, primers, sunscreens , color correcting products, foundations, then concealers, contouring, setting powders, etc… way too much time and consuming. 🙁 I have 4 kids and work, so my mornings needs to be fast and easy!!
Goal: protect with sunscreen-camouflage dark cheek spots-even skin-look natural
Can you make a routine like that? Or recommend me how to do it like easy and fast?
I love love love your tutorials! And always recommend you to my friends! 🙂
Thank you beautiful girl!

jennifer gulley says:

She didn’t even say what half the products were.

Sonya P says:

Back at it again.. it’s about to be summer!

Evengelia says:

So so so happy I found this video! It’s summer here now in Australia and I loved seeing this! Thank you beautiful girl xoxo

makeuplover 2569 says:

You deserve to be a Kardashian/Jenner x

Snow whyte says:

You look so stunning!!!

Mahisha Yasmin says:

u r literally my favourite youtube in the world

Rose Martinelli says:

Carli! Would you be able to do an updated (2016) summer beauty favs!


Donna Hatch says:

Try the Artis Brushes. They will change your life

Natalie Xtina says:

Hey great video Carli! what eyeshadows are you using in this video??

Serena Tripi says:

You look stunning!!

christina messina says:

Thanks Carli, this tutorial was very helpful and very informative! Couldn’t agree with you more about the SPF and skin protection. I love your emphasis on it cause you are absolutely correct on the importance of it. More so thanks for some brand options

janelle berrios says:

can you do another one of these videos

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