The Orange Crush, Crush Your Facehole!

This drink is potent, the Orange Crush doesn’t bring the same flavor as the Orange Crush soda. While the soda brings sweet and carbonation, this cocktail brings light sweet with big crushing alcohol potency.

Airy carbonated orange punch to the grill. Jetliner flying through your face.

FreshForce Orange Juicer:
Blue Cheater Tin:
Footed Highball:

Orange Crush
1 1/2 oz. Orange Vodka, 1 oz. Triple Sec, Whole Squeezed Orange, Top with Sprite

Drink Responsibly.


Emmanuel Guerra Torres says:

The best channel

Poosh says:

The best channel

MrMatt2066 says:

Just sayin you need crushed ice and a pint glass… The idea is for it to taste like soda like you said

Emily Jane says:

This channel is great for an aspiring bartender 🙂 

mattius00 says:

I manage a Rite Aid in KY, thanks for the shout out!

philip cooper says:

give the guy with the massive head some glasses,great cocktail 

AllForTaste Reviews says:

Love your Ice Cubes.
Great video my brother.

ISOviivaB says:

Here in Finland we have Finlandia vodka so its quite easy to figure out where its made. 🙂

Zach Kerns says:

Best reference is the don’t change Doug one by derrick!

spacetoast99 says:

i think mine was a hot toddy when i was like 13. i had a cold that i thought would never get over so my dad gave that to me haha.

captkarl says:

add 3 oz. of 151 Rum 

don`t make any plans

Flintquatch says:

Yeah, mine was Homemade apple pie moonshine probably around 12 or 13 to help me sleep when i was really sick. Effective

Jason Jennette says:

Guys, your proportions are off. Should be twice as much orange vodka as triple sec. (2 oz orange vodka, 1 oz triple sec) Mix it in a pint glass so there’s lots of orange juice in there and a splash of sprite. You shouldn’t taste the alcohol and it should go down easy. You should also use the best oranges you can find. They make a difference. The best orange crush I ever had was in Virginia Beach, VA where everyone serves it.

MichaelD8393 says:

This was the first cocktail I had on my 21st birthday, I think I made a good choice.

LostButBroken says:

probably 14 Captn and with warm coke at a party so disgusting 

Tweezie1111 says:

wow… you really act weird when you got someone next to you. It is too much screaming. It is not wachable imo. sorry

larry meza says:

nice lesson lmao

lamelama22 says:

Kinda disappointed the recipe called for Sprite instead of Orange Crush (orange soda), b/c of both the name, and that every other ingredient was orange-y. 🙁

I wonder how that would change it… (though not enough for me to buy all the ingredients and make it myself to find out).

Thierry le Blanc says:

Derrick, I do not mean to be so off topic but could you try gomme syrup as opposed to simple syrup some time?
Back on topic, all of the oranges make me think rhum swizzle!

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