Triple Sec vs Grand Marnier vs Blue Curacao – Making Margarita for Science

What’s the difference between triple sec, Grand Marnier, and Blue Curacao?

If you’ve haven’t tasted any of these orange flavored liqueurs, you would have at least seen one of these bottles in a bar or collecting dust in your friend’s house. So, today, let’s ask the question: what are these three drinks and how are they different from one another? And… lastly, if you have a recipe that calls for Triple Sec and all you have is Grand Marnier, can you substitute it? Same question goes with Blue Curacao? Are these liqueurs interchangeable?
So, now we are going to see if they are interchangable within a cocktail — and there is only one cocktail that can best represent all three of these liqueurs and that to me is the mararita. I’m going to drink 3 mararita by myself today, what a fun life I live.
Okay let’s make these drinks and see if you should only have one bottle of these liqueur if you can substitute it for recipes that call for the other two.

Recipe for Margarita

1.5 oz Tequila

0.5 oz Triple Sec or Grand Marnier or Blue Curacao

1 oz Lime Juice

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Created by Elliot Chan, It’s Not a Problem Yet


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