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On this episode of Chaser, I I’m tackling Orange Liqueurs. What is Curaçao? What is Triple Sec? Grand Marnier? Cointreau? I dive a little into the history of them, and then do some side by side taste testing of a few key bottles to find out. Most of the tools and gear I use on the show can be found on my gear page at: https://www.thisishowtodrink.com/gear

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Einhander49 says:

I’ve tried them em all, from the most expensive to the bottom shelve stuff and dekuyper 03 is the oj liqueur that I keep going back to – and it’s only 1/4th the price of the high end stuff. It
s got the most intense and complex orange flavor I’ve experience from alcohol.

Joseph ferris says:

I love this! Please keep doing these!

Oscar Yepez says:

where are the rumsssss??

Vahn Chrome says:

*boats* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Andrew Montague says:

I’m surprised you didn’t have a mention for Blue Curaçao, not because it tastes different from the other products but simply because it is used in cocktails so often to give colour as well as an orange flavour but so few people seam to know what it is.

ti sch says:

Nice video, grand marnier rouge and pierre ferrand are more similar than cointreau is because the base of them is brandy while the base of cointreau is neutral alcohol. I think thats why cointreau does not taste that complex

Josie :3 says:

‘The better ingredients you use, the better the cocktail’s gonna be’
Except for the white russian. Did him dirty^^

Liam Amyot says:

Jesus, please go and pick yourself up a microphone! Love the show, but the audio makes me want to jump off a bridge.

Breanna Goudeau says:

Keep doing these!!!! I learn so much

The Late Shift says:

The closed captioning thinks you’re saying “cripple sex” every time you say triple sec and I ain’t complaining

Matthew Murray says:

I use Grand Marnier in making fruit compotes. It is excellent with blackberry and raspberry.

Tomaševskiy Gnativ says:

So what exactly is the difference between Curacao, Triple Sec and Cointreau? Are they the same, or am I able to substitute the one through the others?

kingtilly says:

Sooooo… Is the “spirit guide” bit supposed to make light of Native American culture?

Jim Dowell says:

drank a lot of cointreau on the rocks in france. i love beer and their selection was, well, less than ideal :p

MR. Bucket says:

So what’s the difference between regular Curacao and Blue Curacao???

engladtur says:

Have you (or just anyone) tried the AURUM ? It’s amazing

kelly McGregor says:


Rene Belanger says:

“triple secs” (sex) ha. Giggity.
Great video! And great information!

futurum says:

thank you about information!

TheMindpack says:

Would like an episode about grappa/palinka/slibovic or different fruit based spirits. Liked the episode very much. Maybe some examples of cocktails which use or showcase these spirits would be nice at the end. Thx

Suman Tiwari says:

Liquor and Liqueur
Liquors are not sweetened, but Liqueurs are.

Gaël Durand says:

in france grand marnier is famously known for souflé wich is a dessert and served also for brandy for grand dad. triple sec is coming from one brand called marie brizard and done with orange dry peel (bitter)and zest.(sweet) andthe maceration is then triply distelled. caracao is a cognac flavored with dry orange.

Fabrisse ter Brugghe says:

Mandarine Napoleon. If you get a chance try it some day. Or limoncello.

C.J. C.J. says:

Awesome series! Definitely need more:)

Joe P says:

Many moons ago some friends and I would shoot Grand Ma and order a second to dip cigars into, while sipping scotch and bourbon!

Chance Serrano says:

I ‘m so hungover Greg

Dane Nielsen says:

I love this idea! Love heating about the history. And the comparative taste testing is so helpful!

ESQRT says:

I am a North Korean and watched this video very enjoyably.

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