What is Triple Sec? HTD Spirit Guide!

Triple Sec vs. Curaçao, I sort them out and give tasting notes.
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I’m kicking off a new series I call “Spirit Guide” today on Chaser. This is a series all about arming you with basic information you need about various spirits and liqueurs, and in the first episode I’m tackling Orange Liqueurs. What is Curaçao? What is Triple Sec? Grand Marnier? Cointreau? I dive a little into the history of them, and then do some side by side taste testing of a few key bottles to find out.

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Nguyen Vyle says:

triple *S E X*

Ludwig Skoknes says:

_Spirit guide!_

Jeffrey Rossman says:

Why is blue Curaçao the most common style? It seems a bit unnatural considering what’s historically in Curaçao, i.e. not blue things.

BeastOfTraal says:

Bayou Rum makes a rum based satsuma liqueur.

lana kkils says:

Scandinavia inspired? #doubt

Wolfgang Braeu says:

Nice series! Really enjoyed watching it. Having the bottles in the shot at all times would help me to orient myself during the growing amount of information.

Nicholas Brown says:

I like this new show!

osgeld says:

I will keep watching if you stop the spirit guide thing 😉

Marre4000 says:

Greg, any reason for not including Creole Shrubb. It is a truly delicious rum based orange liqour. Love the series and would love to see an episode about Amaro. Cheers!

gangztar00 says:

Just sneaked the absolut citron in to take another shot

Tr Razor says:


and of course…


kingtilly says:

Sooooo… Is the “spirit guide” bit supposed to make light of Native American culture?

ZaneFire says:


Michael Nelson says:

My absolute favorite part about this series is how you announce the title. Please don’t stop

Dj Pat says:

You forgot dekuyper triple sec.

Soft-RounD says:

Grand marnier is amazing for… Crêpes Suzette

Kalle Bengtsson says:

Isn’t Grand Marnier rouge like a mix between cognac and curacao?

Chance Serrano says:

I ‘m so hungover Greg

Morty Schwifty says:

Great show man. hope you continue this, it’s really good..

Cheshire Havens says:

I like this and hope you do more of these

newtboy99 says:

Hey Greg, have you ever tried Licor 43? It’s an orange liqueur from Spain with vanilla flavors and it worked really well with your El Presidente recipe. I was curious on your thoughts on it if you’ve ever tried it.

Dj Pat says:

Yay he didn’t spill nothing today lol

Ian Dyer says:

might have been a good idea to use a nosing glass for the tastings; otherwise, great info.

engladtur says:

Have you (or just anyone) tried the AURUM ? It’s amazing

Magnetic Markus says:

Wait…no HD Slo-mo sexy pour spills?!! Greg?

DexitronPrime says:

Absolut Mandarin would be closer to the Triple Sec than the Citron…

Drunken Master II says:

You could’ve give informations about each product like that grand-marnier and Pierre ferrand are cognac based while triple sec is neutral spirit based, stuff like that that would help us understand the products more than just how much you like them. I usually enjoy your videos, but this one didn’t do it for me.

Grant Luxford says:

Spiiiiiiiriiiiitt guiiiide 🙂

stupidhatonthefloor3 says:

Yes, please keep doing these!

Liam Amyot says:

Jesus, please go and pick yourself up a microphone! Love the show, but the audio makes me want to jump off a bridge.

Joseph ferris says:

I love this! Please keep doing these!

aCybermen says:

Would love an episode on the specific terms related to spirit (like, what does “80 proof” means/does)

Felix455 Ferro says:

I loved it, please continue the good work ❤️

voetkie says:

the audio is pretty bad :/

James Burtton says:

Watched this while drinking a sidecar. That furniture looks amazing, pretty sure they don’t ship across the Pacific Ocean though :-(.

Robert Pyne says:

Do you sail Greg?

Thomas Wong says:

Really liked this episode, really like all your episodes! Keep up the good work and keep the content coming!

Andreas Samuelsen says:

I’d love isf you continued this series. Saves me time on researching these different options. Keep ’em comin’.

Wilson1ification says:

Please do a herbal liquer episode! Want to see you drink chartreuse

Dane Nielsen says:

I love this idea! Love heating about the history. And the comparative taste testing is so helpful!

Xavier Benson says:

Whooo! Love the new series! Great episode just what I needed

Underneath The Bottle says:

Now I can make Marguarita on my Scandinavian design!

728Joe says:

Try Rhum Clement criole shrub

raumgehll says:

Isn’t grand Mariner’s deal that it’s partly cognac? Or is that cointreau?

Jason Phreaner says:

Great episode and great idea!!
There’s definitely a need for objective spirit tastings/reviews and you’re a great man for the job. I’ve been using Clement Creole Shrub as an orange liqueur lately and am a huge fan. Very reasonable price and a complex flavor. Definitely give it a try if you haven’t already.

Martin Ferenc says:

Hey Greg, you’re right about Triple Sec referring drying of the orange peels. I remembered someone already wrote you about triple sec in the comments before – here’s a pinned comment under your Orange Whip video:
“Little Triple Sec trivia for you, the “sec” is indeed a reference to the French word for “dry”. In this case however, it doesn’t refer to the character of the spirit, but rather the condition of the Laraha and other orange peels prior to distillation. Keep up the awesome work!”

Extariol says:

Nice video and good information! Question: I saw you using the dry curacao in your mai tai. What is your take on using cointreau as a substitute?

Johan Oskarsson says:

If i use cointreau in my Mai tai should i add some more simple or orgeat? Love the channel. The wife doesnt love the increased booze bill….

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