10 Things to know about Vodka! – Tipsy Bartender

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Seriously, wtf is vodka?!

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brabant music says:

oh so grey goose comes from weed now i know why its so expensive

Justin Shaw says:

Skyy Vodka my favorite

sultanoxforduk says:

richard peto lives around the corner from me!!!!!

Josh Epperly says:

Dude reminds me of Ainsley

igrenade says:

this girl isn’t that bright, she doesn’t even know what nationality is.

obake .6 says:

I was laughing my ass off when dude said “yeah, Google that shit”

Мистер Лија says:

1:44 choking on that d

Giancarlo sol says:

I thought it was from a potato

Ron Jacobe Lagahit says:


deebadubbie says:

Girl is sweet. The rest is mildly interesting.

Kody McKenzie says:

Chekc out my youtbe channel

oxygen63 says:

We don’t sip it, we shoot it 🙂

André says:


Tony Angulo says:

facts about whiskey

Rainer [Bro]derle says:

1:46 this is bullshit. Every emulsion with alcohol and water (and most of the alcoholic baverages are nothing different) with the same alcohol content has the same freezing temperature. So Rum, Whiskey or Jägermeister still would be in a liquid state if Vodka is it

toto wolf says:

Russian women are the baddest on the planet

MrNobody says:


William Masih says:

she is fine!

Daniel DeVito says:

That guy is an obnoxious asshole. I couldn’t finish the video because I couldn’t stand to keep watching him.

billy bierbuik says:

5 gallons a year serious more like 500 a year

̈malyar eimal says:

you have no new video   2017   I love lady there with stock vodka

Basement Gamer says:

damn that girl tho

El Pot Spot says:

That girl is hot, I her in my life

Frankie St. Fillip says:

why do blacks say Voka not vodka

Chance LeBron says:


Rahul Vp says:

I never get a chance to drink a vodk

Victor Dobbins says:

was in Europe’s Essex it must be STOL straight 🙂

pribo678 says:

Vodka made of grapes? Seriously?

Romen Moreno says:

shes perfect

kainoamh says:

I don’t think vodka becomes “poisonous” after 12 months of being manufactured. I think there are just changes to the color and flavor, but the alcohol content is too high for anything to become “poisonous”

JesusMoneyChrist says:

Vodka does go bad! 12 month or it will turn to poison! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA

shutemdwn says:

Vodka is popular cause you can get it cheap, and it still is good. Unlike cheap whiskey which tastes like dead pig vomit.

Jacob Black says:

1:45 and pause it

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