All In The Proof (44): Tito’s Handmade Vodka

Our fifth episode in our Vodka Series is a review of a top-awarded, fast-rising premium vodka out of Austin, Texas…cheers!


Dave Nicholson says:

How about doing Gran Patron Burdeos? Oh wait, it’s 1/2 a months pay… Never mind LOL.

SuperFlickman says:

You guys are spot on… I just tried it for the first time in a blind test against BELVEDERE…round one I liked the Belvedere…but the next 2 rounds…TITOS! Like WATER!

Love'OF theMostHigh says:

Nice review. I have a bottle in my refrigerator myself. I wasn’t too impressed the 1st time I tried it a few years back. In fact, I gave that particular bottle to my brother. So it was about 2 weeks ago, I wanted something to enjoy straight and thought I’d give it another try. And this time, I was thoroughly impressed! I normally enjoy a few drinks on the weekend in moderation. How I enjoy Tito’s now is, 1 drink straight, and 1 drink w/ a little cranberry juice added. And I gotta confess myself, either or is just fine. You honestly don’t need any cutter, unless you simply desire so. I was normally an Absolut guy because no sugars and all natural ingredients. But until I get tired of Tito’s, Absolut will be on hold, and for what remnants of it I have at home, it’ll simply be in my arsenal. I would recommend anybody who hasn’t to try some for yourself. Get a mini taster and go from there.

Dee Piper says:

Tito’s. Good Texas vodka!

dashcammer says:

I’ll grab a TX 5th next time I’m in the store. I’m subscribing to this channel too.

Vanessa Valhalla says:

Titos is amazing!

PyroBernardo Boomin says:

Tito’s Vodka is my favorite.

Erik W. says:

it makes a mean bloody mary!

Vanessa Valhalla says:

When you share it with your friends, they’re hooked. And they share it with their friends. It’s great.

ilya Gaysinskiy says:

titos is awsome and cheap

454kingss says:

hey guys just tried this out. very, very smoooth. get drunk easy lol!! great review!

refill455 says:

Thanks guys. This is now my favorite vodka!!

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