Bärenjäger (Honey Vodka) – Teucke & Koenig | Liqueur Review

35% ABV
(70 proof)
Also called Bärenfang or Meschkinnes
A German honey-flavoured liqueur based on vodka


Ed USAF says:

Looks Really Tasty! Great Review Bro! Thank You for Your Bärenjäger Time!!! 😉 ==> 😉 ==>

Roy ghostrider Lee says:

It’s good on the rocks!

Gavigg75 says:

Oh just drink the s*** you’re some freaking illiterate construction worker that don’t know s*** about how real alcohol is made your little caveman hands swirling is like you’re some kind of wine expert the only expert you are is how to eat a cheeseburger go s*** in a freaking porta potty and drink your nasty ass beer so quick with a facade FYI it’s called Mead Vikings used to drink it hello hello go eat another cheeseburger

leo lenherr says:

Are you a Hobbit?

D5quared91 says:

Awesome! PLEASE review Drambuie, the best of all liqueurs!! 😀

Ed USAF says:


あーah says:

I happened to discover your video while I was searching some info on this booz.  By the way, your bottle is so, so tiny and cute!   Anyway, I bought a large bottle because it came w/ a free glass and a recipe booklet.  So far, I have tried only one of those recipes.  was pretty good.  So you may wanna try it, too.  4cc lemon juice, 6cc Baerenjaeger, and a bottle of pils or weizen.  Well, eyeball measurement is good enough ( at least foe me) though.  It was tasty and worked also as a cure for cold.  Thanks for your video.

Ben N says:

Can I be 2nd?

あーah says:

Thanks for such a great review. I happened to buy this product yesterday, being attracted to a footed glass that came with it for free. I did not know anything about this liquer, but I tried it as a cocktail, with lemon juice and and beer. (The recipe was on the package) That was delicious. Since the alchohol content is high, I hesitated to try it straight, but after I saw your video, I now try it straight. Salut!

Joel McDonough says:

I’d try it. Cheers dude!

MadDog McDonough says:

honey and vodka!!!! I’m in love!

Jamie Ostrowski says:

Tastes even better chilled!

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