Belvedere Vodka Review

Today we review a premium Polish vodka, Belvedere. Upon first taste, we noticed how completely smooth it is without any really harsh alcohol burn. The true mystery is, Belvedere Vodka is a grain distilled vodka, but tastes like it would be distilled from grape or sugarcane.

Estimated cost at 750mL – $33.99

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rap_history_poland says:

Nie dziwota ze dolewają wody XD wyjebało by ich z butów po 40% XD słabe łebki

Máčíék says:

Actually, vodka being a Russian invention is debatable and will probably the debate will not lead to any conclusion. It is quite complicated as it could have been “invented” also by Poles, or more precisely the citizens of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Sure, first nation which comes to mind after mentioning vodka will probably be Russians, but no one can be 100% sure if it was them who came up with the idea of producing it.

By the way, I have tried Belvedere vodka once, but I was not a huge fan of it. Taking the prize into account (as far as I remember it was around 70 PLN while an average vodka here costs around 30 PLN) it was not as good as I would expect for that prize. Wasn’t bad though, but generally people in Poland who like drinking vodka and drink it more often, they will probably buy cheaper ones. Such vodka as Belvedere would be rather considered as a good gift or for special occasions rather than casual drinking with friends.

Kurt Eulenfeld says:

I am not Polish but live in Poland I have never seen Poles add water to Vodka. Maybe if you’re testing a nations vodka you should drink it as they do. Belvedere is not sold throughout Poland as the high price makes it prohibitive for most Polish vodka drinkers. On a personal note I do prefer Belvedere and Chopin vodkas to any others.

Jan Saddam says:

He,he-do tak SŁABEJ wódki (40 % ) dolewać WODY !??? 😀
FUJ ….
Przecież poniżej 50% to nawet bakterii nie zabije …:D

BackToPixel says:

Nice Review 😀 the next time you guys can test the Brazilian cachaça

Dan Edgerton says:

Why you put water you idiots

Kacper K says:

ten grubas wie co dobre widać to po nim

PJ F says:

man u guys need to stop making wait for a video lol….just wondering if yall are going to do any halloween shooters or drinks…once again u guys are great

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