Broken Shed Vodka Review

Broken Shed Vodka, our review of the New Zealand based vodka brand which uses milk whey as the distillate. This product brings a refreshing look into a vodka along with its own unique flavor and heritage.

For a suggested price of USD $32-35, you’ll have a hard time finding something equivalently tasting at this price point.

A product with a refreshing taste, almost no alcohol flavor with a shochu like smoothness all in a four-time distilled vodka.

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Geesing says:

Hey guys, first of all: really enjoying the channel! Once I’m done with my finals this week I’m definitely going to test some of these recipes.

Just one question: I live in the Netherlands so Ketel One vodka is relatively inexpensive here. What’s your opinion on it? Is it any good?

Also, have you tried the original product that Ketel One is based on? Its called “Jenever” and it is what gin evolved from, but in terms of taste it is very similar to vodka.

nzgersfan says:

thanks for your review of this vodka,i live in new zealand and even over here,only a few of our liquor outlets stock it,but very nice vodka from this part of the world,also another popular vodka from new zealand is 42 below,im sure you would have tried it,if not it shouldnt be to hard to find in the states.

manuelito1233 says:

No Vodka Punch? Hmmm, that’s a safe drinker :p

benjamin cresswell says:

Oh and I find it funny how nz is so close to aus and I’ve never ever seen it lol and you can get it in America

Tyler Marmino says:

That’s true. But it was also my first time drinking, so as you can probably figure, I was in the bathroom for a while… my cousin actually thought I was dead because I was barely responsive. Yeah, that was an interesting experience.

James Neel says:

QOTD: Found a vodka from the town right next to mine in Orange, TX. It’s called Troubadour. Have not got a chance to test it yet.

P 666 says:

Agree, you should try and review 42 Below. It’s very good.

Karen Roman says:

i well love u guys use Don Q Plz

toxnkoks says:

You’ve got my full respect for doing this in your freetime. i enjoy making videos too, but i think i would lost my motivation! by the way my answer on todays video question when i go to bed is around 11 and 11:30 pm (is pm right)…

toxnkoks says:

have you tried “berentzen apple”?

ElectromagneticToxin says:

I think it’s kind of hilarious that you get New Zealand products at half the price of what we pay for them here in New Zealand 😛

normalwerido says:

very niceeee.

RealityResurge says:

You guys need to do a tasting of Beluga from Russia if you haven’t tried it yet. One of the smoothest vodkas that I have ever tried, it was a joy to try especially the Gold Line edition (unfortunately that one is very pricey), but the standard edition is affordable and smooth as well.

Not asking to do a review, but I would definitely recommend you try it just for yourselves.

Also thank you for all the reviews and cocktail videos, love watching them! 😀

SamuelloWS says:

Why is the sound quality worse compared to your other regular videos?

Max del Rio says:

Could you do a video about PISCO? im from Chile, SA. Pisco is our national spirit. It would be really cool, i dont think you have ever done a video about a drink like this.

toxnkoks says:

will you?

Josh P says:

Derek could you please do a review on ZYR vodka its a wheat and rye.

toxnkoks says:

Are you selling liquors now or ist yt your business?

toxnkoks says:

oh 😉 i understand 😉

Jourdan Charnley says:

Funny how in New Zealand I cost me $78 NZD for broken shed witch is about $57-59 USD. So it much cheaper to get it half way across the would then to drive down the island to get it from the distiller :p

Zeues777 says:

NEW ZEALAND FTW, sorry just had to get that in there. XD

normalwerido says:

the room your in looks like a kids bedroom. are you still living in your parents place? It also looks like a attic? are you living in your parents attic?

Ronald Andrews says:

a good friend who is a sister to me sent me a bottle of vodca from norway and its alot like this one by the way is detailing it

Matt Stocks says:

Jesus is that your bedroom!? It looks like you’re a serious alcoholic with those bottles..

Yahriel Heffez says:

hey nice video, wondering if you know any online store that sell worldwide or to Canada and that has a fairly extensive inventory

Ear Regardless says:

I’m assuming that most of the lactose in the whey would be converted into alcohol in the making of this vodka. But since you’re tasting some sweetness I’m wondering if it would it be a problem for someone who is very lactose intolerant.

Kumba Johnny says:

oh btw i meant Burnetts*

ryan c says:

+Common Man Cocktails hey, here in canada smirnoff is easily the biggest vodka company..wondering if in america its a similar scene

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