Cheap Vs. Expensive Vodka Taste Test

“I’m going to judge based on burning sensation…not taste.”

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I Courted A Girl For Three Years
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A Chauhan says:

Grey goose!!!

EliteWarrior007 says:

I honestly didnt know that vodka had a natural taste, like whiskey or beer or wine.

Nurfer says:

in Russia Vodka drinks you

kubo says:

One word = Americans

Supercat says:

I swear if there are any Russian stereotypes in here im losing it

WIT26'? says:

I hope it was cold!

Meredith Hagan says:

I’d ask, “Why wasn’t Eugene in this video?” but let’s be honest, he’d probably be able to figure all these out just by sight.

Benson Kingsley says:

eww vodka

Felipe Zane says:

People who hate vodka try vodka and hate it.

LTDanno360 says:

am i the only one who would smash the boy looking girl at the beginning of the video i will convert you I PROMISE

at9670 says:

Vodka is supposed to be cheap, Absolut is the most you need to pay for good vodka, everything above that is a ripoff

Chilax says:

what’s more interesting how come each person is tasting it so differently. i mean one says smooth the other says it burns. how did that happen?

Y A Z O says:

Absolut is bae

potatosheeplee says:

reach for vodka toniiiiiiiight!

Rosie J says:

Watching people drink straight vodka makes me gag

William Gates says:

wen she realize that she was a cheap date she was pissed that was funny

Paul Davis says:

Smirnoff vodka is actually really good considering how cheap it is. Has a neutral taste like vodka should and is also very smooth.

Meredith Hagan says:

I like Pinnacle.

Juany C says:

you need to take % into account smirnoff is low % vod to be fair why its goes down pretty clean

kalloused says:

Crystal Head isn’t expensive vodka. It’s cheap vodka in a cool expensive skull bottle.

G0G0 DUCK says:

crystal head is just a bottle…

Chris Craft says:

they need to do these videos with actual alcoholics…. because these people have no clue

Nigel Fletcher says:

Why do people drink gasoline?

246kisses says:

I can drink Smirnoff like it’s water, but absolute gets my throat everytime

Ross Alexii says:

to be fair Crystal head is crazy over hyped

heikki kuusela says:

Absolut is so good

Sick Minded says:

black guy knows his vodka

Meredith Hagan says:

I’d ask, “Why wasn’t Eugene in this video?” but let’s be honest, he’d probably be able to figure all these out just by sight.

eugene bell says:

I like when the young lady said “I am a cheap date.” It reminded me of a girl I dated when I was a young guy, she used to drink cheap perfume. No kidding. I used to buy it at a little convenience store named Johnny Rebs in Atlanta Georgia .


I’m a fan of Stoli myself

Robert Eichler says:

anyone notice the people that drink cheap vodka think cheap[ vodka is smoother, but those that dont drink vodka always find the expensive ones more appealing?

stitchix3 says:

Почему никто не закусывает? Как они пьют не закусывая. жесть

Artani says:

someone please show this to the people buying grey goose bottles in the clubs pretending to be a vip lol

Jenny James says:

*~* Monopolowa is good vodka (the last one). Just because it’s cheap, doesn’t mean it’s inferior.
Crystal Head doesn’t do very well in blind tests and in current reviews anymore. Not sure how it won a double gold medal.
You are paying a lot of money for packaging. *~*

Xasha Valentina says:

You totally tried the wrong cheap and expensive vodkas. especially the cheap ones.

Spectre says:

No no no…where is the Skyy, Vodka? It’s the best ever produced! You need it in this test!

horloko says:

Where is the Popov?

eugenia says:

ABSOLUT VODKA HAHAHA as a swede i live on absolut vodka in plastic bottles lmao

Johnny Boy says:

I’m watching this drunk and you flash the prices way way too fast.

GreenElephant says:


Dean Spence says:

Feel bad for Americans man, I’ve been getting leathered since I was 18

Owen McLoven says:

She is a Vodka expert.

tick tock It's time to stop says:

lol I wonder how these people drove home

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