Chugging With Chuck – Snapple Spiked RaspCherry Tea Vodka Review (Canada Exclusive)

Welcome to Chugging With Chuck Roland! On this show Chuck tries new beers to see if they pass or fail. On today’s show Chuck is joined by Matt Zion as they try Snapple Spiked RaspCherry Tea Vodka!

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blueeyedfire says:


NinjaHighLife says:

Very interesting drink. I’d be excited to try it.

Joff.b2000 says:

What’s the alcohol percentage?

Cross says:

U see that logo with all the faces?….u might as well X out most of those faces

Crypto Morty says:

Much love from Canada for the correction

NeckbeardOutlaw says:

I miss Jeremiah Weed’s Roadhouse Tea. I wish Snapple would make something similar here in America because Twisted Tea sucks.

Tim Rutherford says:

Matt, did you go to the Bar Wrestling show where Hangman Page confronts Joey Ryan?

drycell183 says:

That new guy is AWFUL!

Dane Reads says:

I think you should isolate Chuck saying “You know, you are so right.” And then make a super cut of Chris saying his Wrecklessisms and Chuck agreeing with them all.

1ComboA says:

We mix vodka with Snapple often. Not too frequently cause of the high fructose corn syrup, though.

etikevin1 says:

Does Nando look really uncomfortable in front of a camera?

pyrochemists says:

Never heard of that out east

TheMrAngrytoes says:

i love that nando is filling the empty spot. nice replacement for chris

Jerem0y says:

good job chuck

stickerartbyrd says:

Scott is dropping the ball by not reviewing this

Area·· 51snipez says:

Nando must work at Chotchkie’s. (office space reference) lol!

Leeann Spence says:

My of my fave beverages once in a blue moon

Apollo360XD says:

Love the intro, Matt xD

The Gaming Paladin says:

i kinda miss the old CWC intro, but then i hear that Peter Griffin impression and that feeling goes away. lol

Dark Western says:

Can we just start titling these as: *Gingerly Sipping With Chuck*

leaak cam says:

I knew it Snapple was glass alcohol lol second

1000 HP says:

I killed myself once I seen Nandi, Bambi, Nando, Bando was in the video!

7 HORNS 7 EYES says:

Looks and sounds good. I hope they sell it in California :)!

David Alonzo says:

Awesome review keep it up

Jeremy H says:

I’m putting vodka in my Snapple from now on…

Rodolphe Kisso says:


TheFatApache says:

I really want to check these out, might have to take a trip over and look for it.

Nate Turk says:

When I first saw the can I was like WTF Snapple doesn’t do alcohol then you guys said Canada and I was like O that makes sense lol.

Phantom Riffs says:

Chuck’s bitch eyes were watering but was his bitch quivering?

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