Cîroc Vodka Review!


Mopar1 says:

It’s good, but way too expensive!!!

East Coast LQ Reviews says:

Grey Goose VS Ciroc? lol I think that would be a good video

Reclusion says:

FINALLY ! FINALLLY! It’s not cheap it’s good just to much for some vodka

Porkchop says:

New Amsterdam is easily a much better vodka not just because of the price. I couldn’t imagine spending $30 on a mixer

Mrhello556 says:

russian standard is the best vodka, only straight up, never mixed

jason jason says:

you did it !!! Do belvedere vodka, you will  be amazed at the smoothness I was blown away

Chris M says:

I’ve been told stay under $30 when buying vodka from bartender that works at a high end bar.  Anything more is just paying for good marketing.  Cîroc is overprice but has a nice taste.  That flavor you get is because it’s made with grapes rather than grain or potatoes.

Patrick Davies says:

Hey guys I have a request.Can you review Ciroc Vodka please.

Shingen Ozumi says:

These guys are very credible reviewers of booze. They spend their own money and pretty straight up description of the drink. You guys are right Ciroc has subtle sweetness to it and also has mineral-like taste. Good job.

Matthew Schmitt says:

I’ve had the original and the apple flavor and I would rather buy New Amsterdam

Drake Hobbs says:

great video guys! I am really looking forward to the head to head.

blackrose86lh says:

Whiskey and Tequila are the only things I’ll spend over $30 for.

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