Ciroc vs Effen vs Smirnoff vs Cheap Vodka – Taste Test – Tipsy Bartender

We taste test Ciroc, Effen, Smirnoff and a cheap vodka brand. Who wins this challenge?!



Houdinii1212 says:

i wont drink anything with a celebertys name behind the curtains. ill stick with russian standard or stoli honestly.

Michael Gormley says:

Wheres titos?

Wolfganges **** says:

obviously the Russians make their own drink the best.

Tucson JJ says:

Nice vid! I think if you included Stoli or Finlandia… they might win… very smooth… but props to Smirnoff!! It’s not always about the $$$!!

WatchKek says:

Cool music

Terrell Anderson says:

In the end all alcohol taste like its designed to poison you.

Dirkschneider says:

Do the exact same test but change the order of the vodkas. Like one of the participants said; it could just be that they had gotten used to drinking vodka. The first one might feel offensive just because they get overwhelmed by the strong taste.

Stuart Chilongozi says:

you don’t cool spirits for tasting which is better. it needs to be served at room temperature

mariano guaycochea says:

0:33 i love Brittany

Marko Djuric says:

Ofc. Russians know how to make that shit!

CrisOWebTV says:

Ah Finlandia vodka is the best of the vodka

Kendrick Cunningham says:

I like vodka and stoli is my favorite

TheRagingSlav says:

Yeah when you are used to the cheap shit you kinda feel it’s good

Illest one says:

Effen vodka is disgusting. It tastes like rubbing alcohol.

Drew Mont says:

this is game asf!! This a Smirnoff sponsor for sure smgdmfh

Anita Shan says:

Those laydy used to drink cheap so how they can judge the expensive??

T.L B says:

Is that a lil Oriental boy or girl…#confused

T Grandstaff says:

Ciroc mango is the best vodka I’ve ever tried

DosED07 says:

Да они пить не умеют, позвали каких-то гламурных крыс и китайца и дали водки, им бы коктельчиков и безалкогольного пива, а не хороших мужских напитков.

Marco says:

I’m from Holland and I’ve never heard of Effen, you can’t even buy it here.

R. T. says:


JoSh says:

Both are shit. Belvedere Intense is best Vodka i ever had

Raiden Bell says:

Provincial is by far the smoothest vodka

udubidub says:

go big or go home

mary thomas says:

the girl in the black do rag and t tank top is beauty goals <3 <3 <3

Enrique Ortega says:

Grey Goose is way up there too with Ciroc very good quality vodak.

Dj $ajtreszelő says:

Smirnoff FTW

Vire and Keese says:

Effen Boyz 4 life !

Garrick Gaffigan says:

gotta agree that Effen Vodka tastes Effen nasty…….

Michael Fosnaught says:

They like it cuz they are pussies and Smirnoff is water

Khondker Rifat Hossain says:

Smirnoff is the best Vodka period in terms of taste price and value..followed closely by ABSOLUT

reid nech11 says:

Ciroc is Good in different flavours because it tastes good and its still 40%. Where as Flavoured Smirnoff is only 30%. Effen and Prestiege are wack tho.

Jennifer Aguila says:

what happenwd to the one word taste videos sky u uploaded? theyre all gone now. i wanted tp get that alize bottle you guys tested but wasnt sure what it was called…

omar maldonado says:

Lol you always gonna pick that last bc you get a lil buzz and used to it

Skateclipss says:

Well, ciroc and effen are both made from grapes.

QUEZAI says:

why would you get women to do that ! .. no disrespect . Of course the guy got it right !

C Phom says:

Cristina is hot

Noah Weisbrod says:

Expensive vodka =/= better vodka

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