Crystal Head Vodka Review – What’s Your Favorite Vodka ?

My review of Crystal Head Vodka , the same vodka that is being promoted by Dan Aykroyd of Ghostbusters fame. This isn’t just a pretty bottle, this is a super premium vodka.
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A controversial archaeological mystery, 13 crystal heads have been found in regions around the world, from the American southwest to Tibet. They’re dated between 5,000 and 35,000 years old, and were supposedly polished into shape from solid quartz chunks over a period of several hundred years. Although according to Hewlett Packard engineers, they bear no tool marks to tell us exactly how they were made.

The heads are thought to offer spiritual power and enlightenment to those who possess them, and as such stand not as symbols of death, but of life.


Dan Aykroyd is a well-known actor, musician, entrepreneur and spiritualist; a believer in what he calls the “invisible world” where otherworldly presences are a “form of reality as valid as our normal reality.” Partner and veteran fine artist John Alexander has exhibited extensively in the United States and around the world. Together, they were avid researchers of the legend of the 13 crystal heads. And from this inspiration, an idea was born.


Aykroyd and Alexander wanted the opportunity to get closer to the myth of the 13 crystal heads. After more than two years in development, their moment finally arrived. When their glass depiction of a head was complete, Milan-based manufacturer Bruni Glass declared it to be a bottle of unsurpassed complexity and quality. Now, what to put in it? Vodka became the drink of choice. But with it, a commitment to do something enlightened and different.


To create our truly unique vodka, we travelled to a place with pristine waters and unspoiled land. What better place than Newfoundland, Canada, where unrivalled natural beauty and purity lie at the heart of a culture rich in tradition and legend.


A quadruple-distillation process made Crystal Head as pure as vodka can be, but the quest for an almost mystical purity continued. As a final stage, the liquid was filtered through 500-million year-old crystals known as Herkimer diamonds. These quartz crystals are found in very few places in the world, including Herkimer, New York and regions in Tibet and Afghanistan. Perhaps because they share the raw material from which the original crystal heads were carved, they are thought to have similar spiritual qualities.


The result was perfect vodka, with absolutely no additives. No glycol (an ingredient for engine anti-freeze); no citrus oil (used in its raw form as an insect exterminant); and no raw sugar. Nothing was needed, because it was abundantly clear that finely produced vodka came by its smoothness and flavor naturally. So in the end, the only things required were a glass and a pure spirit of one’s own.


Yahweh Adonai says:

did you just say ethanol smells sweet?

WastefulNot2 says:

You look like louie anderson

Synthetic Parallels says:

Review TOPO vodka. Best vodka nose ever.

TechFive says:

woooo slow down there buddy haha jk

2HardBackRub says:

dawes realy good video brofer. I love das with man akrod love skull bottl.
Des you make for teqeela gun drink?

1 sonofabiscuit says:

My favorite vodka? Grey Goose! 😀

BlaznPhoenix2016 says:

Crystal Head also goes well with Berry Fanta, Baja Blast Mountain Dew or plain orange juice.

JeepersCreepers says:

Wow you can sing really well “shake senora” Ever thought of joining AGT?

Donnie Darko says:

Overrated. Terrible hangover.


Shouldnt have used the ice. You watered it down.

Cringe Bot says:

Second shots always better

Cora Pollock says:

what size is this particular bottle??

andrzej wysocki says:

i should have bought it at my local lcbo before they banned it lol 🙁

Dbrown Plays says:

u can tell he already tried it before he took his “first shot”

Pizza Dude says:

do they sell it without the vodka? im gonna put my milk in it for my cereal

afrim alijaj says:

1 l or 1.75??

Knugen av Swärje says:

What is even the point of buying expensive vodka? It all tastes like ethanol and bad decisions anyway.

Michael Sobczak says:

just got mines and came here to check this out

Gary Wilson says:

This guy got the shakes

DIY Dan says:

The smoothest vodka I have ever tested!!!

GWRevolutionTV says:

I actually got lucky enough to get a life-size skull bottle from a promo party of the vodka.. its a work of art

ian roberts says:


Kristian says:

looks hard to hold without looking awkward

magzire says:

i just want to buy for buy it for the bottle alone

TheFr0stMizer says:

Anyone else think of ATV Offroad Fury 2 during the opening?

Albert Fonseca Jr says:

some good cheap vodka and at good price is the Ivannabitch series has many flavors those are my favorite to go after. should try them with a review.

Jonny Bravo says:


Grumpy Cat says:

Thanks for sharing! I just bought one as a gift, and I hope the lucky person likes it, or I will take for me. hahahaha
Cost: BRL 300 = US$ 75

joshbangs123 says:

The ethanol taste overpowers the drink and a bit too fiery at the end for my taste.

Jacko Animation Studios says:

To drink, or not to drink. That is the question.

embrezar says:

I’m interested in trying this, but it’s so expensive it doesn’t seem worth it. It runs roughly $3 per shot depending on where it was purchased, and that’s a bit much. A 1.75L bottle costs about $100 and contains roughly 39 shots, a 750mL bottle costs around $50 and contains roughly 16 shots, so it’s pretty pricy. This is definitely not a vodka to bring to a frat party, but rather something to share with close friends that can drink to enjoy it rather than getting shitfaced.

Absolutesublime1 says:

ugh I keep getting an error message when trying to reply to comments on here

Noun boy says:

What is charcoil ?

xpac 200 says:

ive seen this in a bigger bottle

Benjamin Castillo says:

you should review the tequila in the machine gun bottles some liqueur stores have. I seen them in shotgun shaped bottles too

brickley2000 says:

It costs 3X what other good vodkas cost,… thanks.

Sam Longmire says:

gotta say you seem to have liked this vodka quite a bit more than I did

ZeuSVI says:

Great vodka! I bought a bottle today. I bought it mostly cause i liked the bottle. But i was amazed at how good the vodka was! I drank mine in room temperature. If i’d want to chill it i’d probably just place the bottle in the freezer instead of blending it with ice for a couple of seconds. Might actually buy an other one, but this time i’ll buy it for the content and not for the container 🙂

Shane B says:

you realise that the crystal skulls were debunked right?

Michael M says:

here in toronto a lot of my polish friends love this vodka, they know their vodkas.

Jarl Elsvold says:

cool video man

Quinx says:

Just bought it, because of your review. i hope i dont waste my 50 euros 🙂

John Doe says:

I’m drinking this now and it taste nasty just like the cheap brands, but it looks cool.

MrBonners says:

I hate vodka but I like this. Smooth.

xpac 200 says:

its the best vodka ive ever had nice smooth flavor goes down really smooth

Lonnie Dearing says:

I hate vodka got really sick on it.

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