Crystal Head Vodka Review

We review Crystal Head Vodka, the same vodka that is being promoted by Dan Aykroyd of Ghostbusters fame. This is a super premium vodka. See more at


jrose2020 says:

How does it compare to Stoli? I know stoli is not topshelf but i like it the most.

James Lloyd says:

That really surprises me. Grey Goose is superb, but I’ve not tasted a vodka smoother than Crystal Head on this side of the world.

titsbeerbong420 says:

I see it from time to time in Ontario. Not alot & right now I can say some r on the shelves in ontario but I guess most stores wont have it here IDK. I hear they banned a drink from coming here that was in an ak-47 shapped bottle

Sam Moss says:

gotta bottle wasn’t too bad but the price is way over the top 750ml is 90 bucks retail for that price grey goose is much smoother.

Ethan Sacco says:

Music makes it that more epic 🙂

Jenny Christie says:

What size is this?

titsbeerbong420 says:

even thought banned here in Ontario it is found sometimes not alot of times thought & I have a smaller bottle then the one in video bought here in Ontario.

millo bella says:

Its $200 for the 1L in australia

Andrew Barnets says:

There are three bottle sizes. The smaller 50 ml is usually around $8.99 or so the 750 ml is around $39-50 and the 1.75 ml is $90 and up. My father got me the 750 ml bottle for Christmas which came with the 50 ml which he kept. It’s worth a try if you like vodka.

Gamma 144 says:

is the skull bottle crystal or glass?

Justin Smith says:

you must of bought it at duty free. It’s been banned since 2010 in Ontario….unless they recently lifted the ban.

Bryon Bosley says:

the one in the video was a 750ml

OMBIC says:

dad got me one of the Same bottols in the box today, but i cant tutch it for 2 days till he comes back, in one way, i dont want to even open the bottol, and yes there about $90 bucks 🙂

lilmanloco3 says:

I prefer Grey Goose over Crystal Skull vodka anyday..

John Forbes says:

I am wondering how you can “review” a premium vodka after diluting it with ice and then pouring it in a Martini glass. Then say umm tastes like “ice” no shit Sherlock you just put it in ice! If you want to review a premium vodka how about doing it out of the bottle like a “big boy”

Richard Spitz says:

Some LCBO stores have it. Most of the ones near me dont

Drew Adam Hart says:

a to the mother-beeping men

Kevin says:

You mad?

theresa coponiti says:

im in recovery but if some one who finished off a bottle id love 1 empty

forbore says:

Or in QC if he lives by the border.

beardo52 says:

Ol’ Zephram on down the mountain makes something just as good, but it doesn’t come in a skull shaped mason jar…

brickley2000 says:

Stuid overpriced garbage vodka


I want it

jeangrey65 says:

I  think your review was effected by your love for Dan. I found the Skull worth far more than the Vodka.  Try Chopin polish vodka.

ShihfuChow says:

where did you get it ? i’m desperately trying to find it

abermen says:

It’s not a Martini if the only thing in it is vodka. Then your just drinking vodka out of a martini glass.

Brett Taylor says:

it’s cool to have a bottle shaped like that

The Hummus King says:

pure witchcraft!!!!

lilmanloco3 says:

LOL why would I be mad? I was just stating my opinion.. Moron.

Nick T says:

gonna be honest, seems biased

Matthew Hutchins says:

Tastes horrible

EmpLaun says:

your paying $100 for the bottle, not the liquid sharpie inside.

Espo Angler says:

Banned in Ontario eh , Mm I live here and I have a bottle right beside me

deltagraph says:

Not gonna be the first or last to say this but your “Straight up martini with no vermouth” well that means you are drinking iced vodka, besides a martini is gin and vermouth to start anyway, vodka martinis need a different name.

titsbeerbong420 says:

Depends I guess where ya live but I seen them for that bottle like around $50-$60 other wise a super smaller bottle is like as far as I know near $10

bloodsling says:

I’m not big on vodka,of course all I’ve ever had tasted like windex+vinegar..they have it in the cold beer&wine store downstairs from where I live,might buy a bottle someday just cause it looks so damn cool

docribby says:

you butcher the very being of a martini for 1 using vodka 2 its a martini it wouldnt be called that if it was just vodka and ice 3 if you are going to butcher it dont fucking shake it stir it


yeah i guess

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