Grand Teton Vodka Review

Grant Teton Potato Vodka, a vodka made from… you guessed it: potato! Not just any potato, but Idaho Potato as it is made in Idaho, the one right here in the great US of A.

It does bring some green earthy tones and defined flavors that go above and beyond what people would call a “neutral grain spirit” all for under USD $25.

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Jeff Opper says:

i live in the tetons and love this stuff! you should try 44 degress north huckleberry vodka very good!

Andrew Davis says:

Thank you Russia for giving us vodka.

Julien Morand says:

Tetons 😀

Zeues777 says:

is that like a tequila thats %100 degave?

Charles Winthrop says:

How often do I switch brands? Not often enough! 🙂

Nikola Milošević says:

You should do more reviews of vodka and other spirits! They’re fun to watch and more informative

Rian Young says:

Do you find different beers/spirits in the same category to be like the difference between Coke and Pepsi? I can tell the difference between Smirnoff, Absolut and Huzzar (Irish brand) but they all taste roughly the same and none of them are nice. I also personally cannot stand beer and whiskey no matter what brand etc.

Darthaniel Black says:

Nice video! I am currently trying different Bourbons and tequilas, I switch brands every bottle I finish off. I think the only ‘must stock’ I maintain is Guinness beer, New Amsterdam Gin, Hornitos Reposado, and good ol’ Jack-D.

Jack Casas says:

I don’t change when it comes to dietary only use Jägermeister

Edible3339 says:

I am from where they make this and was one of the first to try it! Holla!


fuck to me i live in country doesn’t have alcohol

SonOfTheRightHand29 says:


pwnusll says:

Hey Derrick have you ever tried Tito’s vodka, if so did you like it. Personal for a company that doesn’t advertise i really enjoy the taste of them and for the price you can’t go wrong in my opinion

Ralphgtx280 says:

There are many reputable references to the production and consumption of gorzałka (an affectionate word for a bitter drink what they used to call it before they began calling it wodka) long before any russian use of it there is one fabricated piece of evidence that the russians produced when Poland claimed it as their own

SexoDorgaseRock says:

I switch my brands mainly in beers, where I live there are not that much of spirits diversity. Either you have the national spirits that are the cheapest or you have the imported stuff that cost too much. But in beers the diversity is enormous, national, imported, with a vast range of prices. As of how often: I think it’s safe to say I only buy a brand the second time if there is nothing new on the shelves.

SSRT1000 says:

Hello, if you like potato vodka i would recomend Amundsen Arctic Vodka, that is the best Norwegian Vodka! Greetings from Norway! 🙂

anythingg00394 says:

I love me some fiery potato water

sammcw123 says:

Out of all the vodkas you have tried what is your favourite for imported both affordable aS well as expensive as well as local (U.S.A.) I.e. Tito’s vodka? Thanks!

Andrew Davis says:

@Derrick you guys gotta do the shot called The Antichrist.

tiagoaoa says:

I feel sort of ashamed that I consider myself a vodka enthusiast and I have yet to try potato vodka.

Kingofmadagascar says:

How do you not cough or cringe after drinking straight vodka? Dont you get that massive vodka burn?

SexoDorgaseRock says:

And congratulations on the videos! I found your videos like 3 weeks ago and they’re just awesome! Now everytime me and my buddy meet to make some drinks we always watch some of your videos for some inspiration!

will nash says:

we just stayed at Grand Teton park last week it was great. they also have a teton whiskey

Leslie wolf says:

I have been educated lol :p I like switching everything I use eat or drink constantly 😀 you never know maybe it’ll become your favorite new thing ^_^

phdmrlimb says:

and that a/c looks like it about to fall.

pwnusll says:

Do you enjoy the taste of Tito’s and is it worth the price in your opinion, personally it is my favorite tasting vodka

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