Heaven Hill Vodka Review




I have mix it befor.. most of the time I drink shit str8.. drinking Heaven Hill right now

Lurid Requiem says:

Heaven Hill Vodka tastes like sucking on a permanent marker. It’s cheap and overbearing taste will eliminate the carbonation in even the most name-brand of soft drinks. The only drink I’ve ever seen it stand formidably to was a Monster Energy drink. A dropper of Monster will make a shot of Heaven Hill Vodka entirely bearable. I know energy drinks and alcohol don’t mix, but it is one of the only redeemable mixes when it comes to carbonation.

blackrose86lh says:

Strawberry Kiwi Propel water is pretty awesome with Cucumber Lime Vodka.

Kentucky Swagger says:

I drink that shit straight.. lol.. My wife makes screwdrivers with it..

Nicholas Colabella says:

I have mixed vodka with Gatorade , I think its good, add some water .

Joseph Hitson says:

Gatorade and ever clear is a drink I’m pretty sure. Gatorade covers up the nasty vodka.

Justin Osborne says:

Bottom shelf tequila is way better than bottom shelf vodka. Heaven hill vodka tastes like rubbing alcohol.

Quagmillious says:

Usually drink gatorade AFTER a night of vodka haha

Johnny Fisheye says:

I love camping, can I come on your next trip? 🙂

Fishing 40oz says:

Vodka and powerade used to be my go to. Close enough haha. This is the main well vodka here. Not a fan straight but hats off to those who are.

Elliot Faulk says:

it’s not that bad you wussies! lol

Flimbo nimbo says:

That’s a half-pint, not a pint.

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