Irish People Taste Test Russian Vodka

“Success! She’s hammered!”
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Video Description :
We got our contributors to try a variety of Russian vodkas.

People featured in this video:

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Music licensed from Epidemic Sound

Facts. is an online brand that creates short and relate-able videos including taste tests, watching TV/ YouTubers, gender taboos & more.

Similar to channels such as BuzzFeed, WatchCut, TheFineBros & GMM we focus on creating content that depicts people (usually Irish people) experiencing new things for the first time, whether that be food, drink or maybe a TV show!


inyswole says:

smirnoff is not russian

lowandbehold says:

Smirnoff is not russian

Игорь Зоркольцев says:

У нас не принято пить без закуски.Питье водки-в первую очередь общение в кругу близких тебе людей

Balzsack mcdouchwad says:

When we were 16 my “friend” drank 18 shots of vodka, 3 beers and a few shots of tequila (we had a stupid drinking competition at the party). I then walked the 3 km home at 2am and convinced my parents I had only had 2 beers and procedeed to go to bed. Woke up at the hospital where I had appearantly been for 2 days. Turns out that my friends had been so worried when I went home without saying goodbye that they told their parents who then called my parents.
Took me to the hospital and I still had 0.58 alcohol blood thing and they told me 0.50 was lethal.
I can’t remember anything from when I was going home from the party to when I awoke at the hospital.
Weirdest thing is that everyone said I acted completely sober both at the party, at home and at the hospital apart from a bit of slurring in my words.

Moral of the story is be really careful when drinking hard alcohol because it can take a loooong time before it hits but when it does you could actually die.

Art Craft says:

You drink vodka wrong! Russians always after a vodka have a snack! We in Russia have a special culture of such snacks! You do not even have 50% of pleasure if you just drink vodka. Only teenagers and alcoholics drink this way!

Radu Linie says:

smirnoff is not russian is made in america

Keijo 420 says:

It’s stronk stuff komrad, soviets used it as fuel))))

Seth DuSith says:

Russian Standard being harsher than Smirnoff? Ya shittin me?

Akkardi says:

где парламент?

Hircine says:

in russia, vodka drinks you.

donniecatalano says:

Make them have some nice Grappa 🙂

deks räikkönen says:

I’m inlove with the redhead oh my g

Mp57navy says:

Stolichnaya. Best Vodka, hands down. That guy who said it looks cheap should stick to tap water.

Tom Pearson says:

PFTCLAWWWRRRR the original

Redmoonblade says:

In ice and snow, vodka is best friend.

Akkardi says:

кроме белуги, всю хуйню выпили, бедняги)))

land of Lincoln says:

dude has a 5 head

brandon coble says:

That was a lot UH HUUUH

james pendall says:

How’s about you actually get some “””rreeaalll”” Irish people first

M. Strongsole says:

Jewel of Russia is fantastic. My 3 favorites are Jewel of Russia, Belvedere Unfiltered, and Beluga Noble Gold.

brettcone says:

How tacky is it to wear a see through khaki colored shirt with a black bra ?

Chris N says:

ellesse shirt….

Thecool008 says:

Russian Standard is great with sprite!

Taking20 says:

I’m moving to Ireland.

artao5 says:

I hope you served it to them ice cold, as it should be, and not at room temp.
Otherwise, that was just mean.

Simen says:

црщ удыу ершт ерфе ерун фку сщцфквы

David Hombach says:

I’m so happy they included Beluga. Not many Vodkas manage to stand out, this one absolutely does.

IrishSparrow says:

Love the beige/tan blouse!

Survivor#357 says:

great… Now I have to search redheads with red lipstick porn.

sky aulbach says:

My mom drinks Russian standard.

artiom davidov says:

Your pafedec

Mikey Riley says:

Smirnoff is cheap junk! Triple distilled the label says. Try Kirkland vodka from Costco distilled 6 times $13, blows away that crizap.

Hunt3R Hunt3R says:

Pussies xD

Valentin says:

So essentially they drank 200 ml of vodka in less than 30 min?

antoinethem says:

Who is that redhead…

Tom says:

If anyone gets the chance to try Russian Standard St. Petersburge edition, DO. It goes down nice and smooth, and warms you up head to toe. Best for shots! If you like a sweeter taste, go Stolichnaya.

Alex Jansson says:

I can drink vodka like water it’s so smooth. Rum however kicks me hard. It’s ironic that I live in the Caribbean and rum is everywhere.

Jack Kuipers says:

Smirnoff isn’t from Russia

horseman1968 says:

The redhead looks just like my second wife….It’s kind of creeping me out. Lol

Molly De La Cruz says:

The lovely lady in the brown transparent blouse is GORGEOUS

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