Koskenkorva Vodka review

Swedish Hangover reviews Koskenkorva Vodka from our neighbour Finland.

How to learn finnish. Simply choose koskenkorva genuine finnish vodka and pour a glas or two – how you drink it is up to you. You may never comprehend the distinctiv, quirky finnish personality, but you will enjoy the integrety of at straight-talking, smooth, reliable vodka.


Finnish Patriot Gamer says:

Ne pitäis ottaa vähän lippu viina miten ne tykkää siitä nää ruottaliset!

julle huu says:

im suprised they were so merciful to finnish vodka

RoadtripsInFinland says:

Thanks Sweden!

aivopark says:

Since 1982 ? You are pretty fucked up with your history.

mpsfyt says:

A Finnish friend sent me one of these for Christmas, indeed it’s really, really good.

@Fatherland Child says:

Oh you tested out Finnish water? Great

Ari Hipeli says:

All strong liquor is called “viina” in Finland. Just a common name for products above like 30% alcohol content.

Marko Hynninen says:

Hirmu talkoot yhen viinaryypyn takia !!!
No, sehän tuolla naapurissa on vissiin silleen niin kun vähän tapana..

Kristian Lahdensuo says:


Kim Hummel says:

I think this finnish water isn’t strong enough thats why i prefer something like jaloviina

Hollandia777 says:

Koskenkorva vanille – m-m-m-m-m-m! 🙂

Ritvars Dortāns says:

Going to club in 20 min, drinking this atm.! 😀

ClevMagic says:

You know, there are three styles of drinking koskenkorva, with water, without water or like water

Svenn Martinsson says:

you mention there are 2 brands well guess i have the other one… cork cap and its 40% and stamped with a golden stamp saying 1953

Isäntämies says:

Laimeeta on

alejandro segismundo says:

37’5 ps chicharrero

baconmakinmayor says:

best vodka ive ever tried

Norrlänska pajken says:

Finns den som helflaska

Dinko says:

plz do eristoff;)

JeeJeeBoy95 says:

The original Koskenkorva Viina has been around since 1953 🙂

Gull hander sibir says:

obsalut vodka is the shit.

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