New Amsterdam Vodka: Peach, Orange and Citrus Review

We’ve had this archived for awhile, I need to get it out and clear some of our additional content. So, you get an extra episode covering New Amsterdam Vodka!

We take on 3 New Amsterdam products, their Citrus, Orange and Peach Vodka flavors.

Glencairn Whiskey Glasses:
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John Cena says:

We drink this at SNHU, it will put hair on your chest! P.S Nice Hannaford Brand Water bottle.. Cheers From NH

Matt Schwanda says:

Rainbow Sherbet vodka is delicious.  Mix it with Sprite for an adult Shirley Temple.

texaschizophrenic says:

I became ill after trying their coconut vodka. Hopefully you guys had a better experience with these flavors.

Ben Cooper says:

I really like your channel. I appreciate the time and dedication you guys have put into and are still putting into teaching people how to make great cocktails. Cheers! On another note, you should give New Amsterdam Mixed Berry a try; it goes really good with Mist Twst Cranberry or Mtn Dew Code Red.

Melanie says:

I just bought the peach one. I usually mix my fruity drinks with sprite zero. :3
Doesn’t mask the flavor of the vodka. But i’m excited to try it.

George Teixeira says:

The peach vodka is great in iced tea.

Brad Thomas says:

Nice! I might have to try some…!

Dave G says:

Chocolate vodka. Adds a nice twist to a white Russian. Otherwise unflavored vodka is useless to me. I’m not into adding heat without adding flavor. Plus vodka was part of my first bad hangover.

xxxpromqueen says:

how many mls are they?

Deron Brown says:

I have the mango

Theodore Messman says:

I have bad memories associated with froot loop vodka

viperr007 says:

That gummy vodka is great. The new Amsterdam coconut vodka is tasty

Try Th says:

New Amsterdam’s cheap price makes cost snobs unable to understand it’s awesomeness! My favorite gin though is Koval at the moment. Flavored vodka? I haven’t really tried any when I was sober. The smells always seem so artificial though so sober me turns them down. My roommates got some so maybe I’ll try theirs.

markalexander774 says:

Well now I need to go to the store and buy some Runts, I don’t think I’ve had any since middle school.

Will TheBloody says:

Not much of a vodka fan but Smirnoff Vanilla with club soda is a surprising good drink.

Jesse Arevalo says:

vodka flavor is good with oj try it

Logan Walker says:

nice review! lol you guys drink slow though

MikePopowski says:

Raspberry is my favorite. Soooo good

liesofthepast says:

I haven’t had many flavored vodkas. I guess I’d say the loopy one that taste like fruit loops.

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