Ocean Vodka Review, Organic Vodka

Time for some organic vodka from Hawaii! Today we look at ocean vodka, a product which arrives in a round bottle. Sexy, very unique in design and, within the bubble, the neutral grain spirit known as Ocean.

Of course, not all vodka’s are created equal…but they are still vodka. Ocean comes off with a light slightly sweet neutral spirit made from cane sugar. One of my favorite parts of the Ocean design is that it does not boast all its distillation methods and “times distilled.”

This is a clean spirit, very smooth and easy to drink without any real burn effect in the finish. Here in New Hampshire a bottle of Ocean Vodka will run $31.99 and we found it online for about $35.99–not a cheap product when it comes to vodka.

Knowing you can get a fine vodka for mid-$20 range, one has to make a stretch to convince themselves that $32+ dollars for a product that does have a bit more smooth clean taste is worth the money. A big vodka drinking fan will no doubt fall in love with the taste profile, but those that just make mixers with their vodka will find this a waste of cash.

Of course, the bottle design is also a great keeper when you’re finished, but that hardly is a good sales technique if everyone only buys one bottle for the decoration. The substance within this bottle is well crafted, like all the spirits we’ve had from Hawaii. Now, it comes down to asking yourself if it’s worth your taste buds.

I think we’ll see Ocean Vodka go far in the industry as it’s highly recognizable, has a product worth a taste and should work great in vodka martini’s.
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Noah De Pool says:

is there like a cocktail maker starter kit?

Jeff H. says:

Winter Soldier and Ant-Man would probably be my favourites so far.

Dave G says:

All reviews are still normal length? I like it. Otherwise I would this I’d miss out on some details.

Barefoots Child says:

As for the chick flick I attended with wifey….”Ya, ya Sisterhood”, it was nearly full house in a small theatre, we got waaay to early, sat 2/3 down front, and there was only one other guy in the entire place and he was seated across the aisle… I think it was a set up…;-(

Dave G says:

Ivan Koloff. I know he’s not a real Russian but its the first one I thought of. Hated him as a kid but I respect his ability to get me to really hate him even after I know the truth.

Travis Austin says:

Derrick has to be cringing watching this video seeing the bottle scratching the bar top

Markius Fox says:

How is this a Vodka and not a Rum?

QotD: Deadpool, cause I have a crush on Ryan Reynolds. Chick flick, The Proposal. Also a Reynolds film, and pretty good.

Barefoots Child says:

Hey, I loved Shreck!
I own “all” of the DVDs too. 🙂

Sean McGonigle says:

Favorite Marvel movie has to be The Avengers, at least until Captain America: Civil War comes out

Spikes Productions says:

Probably the first Avengers movie

AllasYummyFood says:

great video as always guys 🙂

Programmerx says:

Great 🙂

lamelama22 says:

lol you had the “gluten free” vodkas backwards: most vodkas are not, and potato vodka is gluten free. Only the vodkas not made from grains containing gluten (wheat/rye) are guaranteed to be gluten free. Vodka made from other sources are gluten free, examples: corn (Titos, Smirnoff apparently), grapes (Ciroc), potatoes (various, no big names), or sugar or other fruits. *technically* all vodka should be gluten free b/c of the distillation process; however impurities may get through, and since it’s being processed in a plant full of gluten in the air it may be contaminated (I think I learned that last bit from Curtis in your history of vodka video, actually). At the liquor store I worked with, a few idiots/hippies did come periodically and ask for the gluten free vodka; but there legitimately was 1 person with Celiac disease who had reactions to some wheat-based vodkas and liquors, and started avoiding them all just in case.

On The Rocks says:

Great review bros! We actually had a bottle rant on one of our vids. Zaya rum is one of our favorites and the bottle is sick! I kind of wish that the makers of really good liquor would put it in shitty bottles so I can justify putting it in a decanter.

lamelama22 says:

QOTD: Avengers, followed by 1st Iron Man. All of the origin stories were good, most of the sequels really dropped off in quality. Last chick flick I went to…. a long time ago I went to Dirty Dancing Havana Nights at the request of my g/f at the time. That was the last time I agreed to such a request.

qotd should’ve been hawaii-related “have you been to hawaii & what did you think? if not, would you like to go to hawaii and why?”.

I’d like to tour Ocean Vodka’s plant while on vacation there, in between the beach and playing with lava. 🙂

Noel Sosa says:

What did the big guy add to the vodka?

Stop the Madness says:

Nice review. This one qualifies as gluten free, but the only vodkas that are technically gluten free ARE ones made from potatoes, corn, sugar, grapes, pineapple and apples. I believe it’s a myth that all vodkas are gluten free. Some people with gluten intolerances have reported having allergies with grain and wheat based vodkas.

Dave G says:

Great bottle but the short neck would be a problem. That’s something I learned from watching the show. Thanks

Русский террор 96 says:

Derrick what is your favorite kind of Whiskey?

Dave G says:

No chic flicks. I did watch Pretty Woman once but only to see if I could get through it.

Māris Samats says:

What is the volume of this bottle (in liters)?

Caden Bucciarelli says:


Lil Dro says:

are you guys drunk already? lol

ScottishGeeks says:

That thumbnail is stunning!

Jason Gastrich says:

Funny. I’ve never seen your videos, but I searched for the vodka because I’ve been drinking it in Honolulu. They sell it at Costco and Safeway and I like it too. I have tried the big bottle and the little bottle. I usually drink it straight and chase it with water. Have fun.

Anthony Tafoya says:

QOTD: Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant man because there throw in quite a bit of humor along with the typical superhero stuff

David Ferrer says:

what did they add to the drink ? from the little blue bottle lol

On The Rocks says:

Ohh and Avengers!

Dave G says:

No chic flicks. I did watch Pretty Woman once but only to see if I could get through it.

Danilo Muller says:

This bottle looks like Doom’s health potion item hahahaha

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