Reyka Icelandic Vodka Review

On this episode of Behind the Bar, we review Reyka Icelandic Vodka. Is this better than the last one that we tried? Is this one worth the higher premium? Check out the video and see what Iceland has to offer in the way of hand crafted vodka! Make sure to leave your suggestions on what we should try in a future episode.

Behind the Bar Liquor Reviews is a liquor, beer & wine review show made by 4 old friends. The hosts Special K & Big Daddy have known each other almost their entire lives and are total D-Bags to each other but are as close as brothers. Special K is an entrepreneur that owns a Carolina Style BBQ Catering company, Big Daddy is a CIA certified chef with 10 years experience. Also joining them is their good friend the Mystery Sommelier who is a 9 year certified expert whom they like to make cry on some of his selections. And last but not least is their camera man and lighting guy Tin Man, a long time friend and drinking buddy who just happened to be around to run the cameras.

Remember, drink responsibly and only at your countries legal age limit. Since we’re in the US, please keep it to 21 and over, and don’t drink and drive.

We hope you enjoy the show, please make suggestions on what we should try. And look out for our other shows such as our Brew Haus Reviews, Bodega Finds, Frat Boy Wasted & Hobo Wine Reviews. And please excuse our first set of videos, the lights we ordered didn’t come in on time, and we filmed about 5 or 6 episodes at one time so of course we wore the same clothes the whole time, lol. It’s the little things you tend to forget.

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Tucson JJ says:

It is not Ray-kee-ya… it is “Rey-ka”. Just an FYI. Very good stuff, but it WILL get you blasted if not careful!!

BTW: I thought it had a pretty strong scent… pleasant, but there… are you guys smokers??

dubenstein says:

my top 5
2-Kettle One

Nick Maple says:

Can’t believe how relaxed on camera you guys are, especially for your first couple of reviews. Great review haha

Body comp says:

Hi, what’s the best vodka you have ever reviewed?

AKP11GGGUnit says:

Cheers in Icelandic is Skál! Which americans usually pronounce something like Skoal or Skol!

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