Reyka Vodka Review

Reyka Vodka has been on our show a lot, but we have never really reviewed it as a single spirit tasting. In order to baseline it, we are using something we are familiar with: Titos Vodka. How will it compare against what we consider a very true neutral spirit?

Then, we pull out Absolut as it falls in a similar price range of the other two and do a bit deeper analysis.

As it turns out, Reyka is a smooth vodka with a crisp finish that doesn’t require additional sugars to make it feel “top shelf” and you’re getting it for a mid-price as compared to highly marketed brands. It has more flavor than that of a sweeter Tito’s vodka with a bit more refined profile than that of an Absolut all for about the same price.

Glencairne Glasses:


Golden Light says:

Have u tried gtv vodka

Common Man Cocktails says:

Reyka, becaues I’ve never heard of Boru and I’ve never tried 42 Below. 🙂

Rowdy4324 says:

Get down to Mann’s Orchard in Methuen and pick up a bottle of Lazy Eight vodka. It’s all-natural, black tea-infused vodka. 70 proof, $21.99, and mix it with lemonade to make a jacked up Arnold Palmer (aka the Jack Nicklaus)

Patrick Galli says:

Chopin: a polish potato vodka.. It has exactly the kind of mouthfeel i am looking for in a vodka…
Even better, but WAAAY to expencive: kaufmann private collection (350.- where i live)

curtis mcmillan says:

Reyka is distilled once

Common Man Cocktails says:

something that isn’t a huge bottle for $6. 😉 There is no “best” vodka, but you can seek out different companies, but each one will tell you they have the best. There is some bad ones, the cheapie ones that taste horrid and come in large quantities for cheap.

Disasterpiece5150 says:

What do you think about Stoli?

Hugo Mendes says:

Rule number one for tasting: Everyone tastes neutral flavors differently. I can even go ahead and say that Perrier have a more “sweet” taste for me than Evian for example. I kinda have to agree with Derrick that Titos is a great value vodka. I’m really tempted to try Ciroc. My favorite vodka of all time? Level One. My favorite budget vodka for parties? Smirnoff hands down.

5446mk says:

Monopolowa for mixing $20 for 1.75 liter smooth enough and made from potatoes

TheCaptainLulz says:

It would take me a month to leave your basement, and Id have a giant killer of a hangover.

cody5150 says:

I hear yeah. I just wanted to bring some conversation to the table to get people thinking/talking. I respect what you are doing. I’m not so much into the “novelty” drinks but understand they are fun to do. I’m hoping for some more classic/craft cocktails on the show. I think it’s important to educate people on the history of the cocktail. I LOVED the scotch education video that Curtis did with you.

Horst Llik says:

what would you say is the “best” vodka? the clearest, pures vodka “taste”, and of course not to expencive

cody5150 says:

He wears a kilt. I’d buy Scotch from him.


funny enough speaking about price my favourite brand of gin happens to be the lowest price on the totem pole and im happy it does not have too much recognition for it to remain that way,while another brand i liked went up by just over 3 bucks in the last few years and the company is only 7 years old

cody5150 says:

I have to respectfully disagree. To me, a neutral spirit has no flavor, aroma or color and vodka is DEFINITELY categorized as a neutral spirit. Even if it’s not 100%, it is a pure spirit. I am not saying that you can’t prefer one over another but when someone tells me Smirnoff tastes like crap I tend to not value their opinion on vodka so much. I stand on the basis that after a certain number of distillations and filtrations…. it all marketing. (ie crystal head and grey goose). Just my .02

Reece Fitzgerald says:

I don’t have much experience with vodka, in fact I have only bought one bottle… I made what most people call a mistake by buying a cheap bottle, really cheap $7 for a 750ml bottle. But it wasn’t that bad in my opinion. But like I say it was the only vodka I have had. I was wondering what your opinion was for Smirnoff… That’s what most people around my area seem to talk about.

mollyoko says:

Also Sipsmith vodka is very good. But their gin is better. You should definetly get some Sipsmith gin 😉

Thierry le Blanc says:

What I have noticed that the “everyday” to medium vodkas from Poland seem to be a higher quality than what comes out of Russia, however Russian premiums are the bench mark.

Jacob McFarland says:


iWinRar says:

All the info I’ve come by is split, some sat it works, others day it doesn’t, mythbusters did it on season 2 and the “expert” rated it and like the top shelf and 6 times filter were near the same level but when they sent it to a lab there was no change which confuses me.

cody5150 says:

I don’t see the comparison actually. Mountain stream, Fiji or lake mead water. If you distill water 5 times and filter it 7 times through charcoal, diamond dust or lava rocks, whatever……. it will all taste the same.

Wideolink says:

good review. i have been loyal to Kettle One and Belvedere but looking to explore new brands that could compare taste wise and price wise… Which one would you recommend to purchase : Boru Vodka , Reyka or 42 Below ??? I would appreciate your opinion…

HighDef1991 says:

Proud Icelandic person here commenting.. There are not many vodka brands in Iceland, but personally, the Reyka vodka is the best in my opinion

Andrew Novak says:

That’s a killer Dungeons & Dragons shirt!

kevinbeckman1983 says:

Hey Common Man! I saw a different channel do a vodka tasting with crap vodkas, but they filtered some of them thru a britta filter a few times. Is this something you guys could do, and recomend which vodkas, if any, work better doing this? The public trusts your tastebuds, thanks for all the videos 🙂

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