Russian Standard Vodka review

Swedish Hangover reviews the Russian Standard Vodka
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Attero Dominatus says:

This Vodka is horrible.

Attero Dominatus says:

Russian vodka is awful

DritBeii says:

good one dickhead

ROCKmyJOCKz says:

“English” is not American, its called “English” for a reason haha

Anıl Başnuh says:

This is what i am drinking right now and it is the best vodka i ever had.

DonSimeone1 says:

Best vodka so far! No hangover! Try it and be surprised, no hangover! Platinum and Gold is not as good as this standard original…

Asd Asda says:

even in der advertisings …. russian standrat is lying… !! “made from the best of weed” ooomfg… sry but… if any of u guys here start discuss whats the best vodka… recognize first russian standart is made from corn… real vodka is made of potatoes… xD thats so rediculous

MrFreeCookie says:

Enunciate. Thank you.

Calvin Wong says:

ugh…. i cant keep russian standard down i have to chaser it. Belvedere i can drink and enjoy it but i find russian standard so strong, I don’t know much about vodka so yeah… dont grill me lol

Method Man says:

Good news everyone Joan Rivers died :O

DOn Jon says:

For the price, Russian Standard is a nice bottle. But be warned, the biggest bottle is extremely tall.

williamxiji says:

not the immigrants, theyre the non stupid ones. for the lack of a better term, the non immigrants specifically.

TheSlaissi says:

right now i have that stuff, and i read pycchina Ctahunknownapt, vodka solves ,everything

Dama says:

This and the polish vodka, sobieski, are my favorites.

NathanSykes Nicely says:

burns my throat and bad aftertaste.. makes me gag

MrPete8680 says:

not all americans, just the immigrants.

HVO.ST says:

i like it !

MrBRBG says:

For me this is the best vodka in the US when considering both price and quality. There are many better vodkas u can by for less in Russia, Ukraine, Poland …but as we all know a good well distilled vodka should have almost no taste and go down smoothly. Russian Standard is surprisingly smooth (almost like Belvedere or some good Polish potato vodka or Ukrainian vodka) but the price is significantly lower. I would say Nemiroff platinum from Ukraine is also good, but harder to find in the US and a bit more expensive (usually).

louis cartman says:

Its a decent vodka for the price but I can get Green Mark for the same which is better IMO.

martin kemp says:

love that stuff

Николай Дюшак says:

дохуя пиндосов смотрит это чтобы сказать Russian vodka !!

Utopian 989 says:

It’s vodka, u don’t drink it to be a pussy……especially Russian vodka

okpapereat says:

You don’t make drinks with it dummy! Real Russians just drink vodka as is, they get kinda offended if you put Somehing like coke or what not in it.

Yeah Mon says:

You can listen to the song from the advertisment! /watch?v=ZJ0XYFthjGA

Jimmy Patto says:

Hahaha dude at the back loves it! keeps knocking them back!

IM 2 FLY says:

love the gold

britvroman says:

Bald guy is a pussy and should never drink any type of vodka. Russian Standard is  8/10 in my opinion.

My Cat's Life says:

Great vodka

Mel Gibson says:

Terrible review from the bald fucker. If you can’t speak English don’t do your fucking reviews in English.

BgBulgaria says:

The best vodka in the world

Артем Разинов says:

Funny)) A “taste of vodka”)) I am Russian, vodka should have almost no taste. It should be drinked for 25, 40, 50, 100, 200ml at once (100 and 200ml is for posing basically). It is not whiskey, brandy and even tequila. It is good to drink 40ml of vodka (shortly) and snack with a piece of lemon after several seconds (like tequila, but without salt). Vodka is also a key ingredient in cocktails. So-called “Russian” cocktails are “Black Russian” and “White Russian”, as they aren’t shots and because of their harsh taste, they aren’t my favorites. I don’t drink cocktails a lot, but my favorite is “Boy`arsky” (with stress on “a”). It is a sliced cocktail with 20ml of grenadine, 3 drops of tobasco, 20ml of vodka. Boyarsky is a truly Russian cocktail (invented in modern Russia, not USSR). Also I like “Blue Lagoon” (long cocktail).

The main purpose of vodka is to get buzzed, not the taste. Also it is good to drink vodka before or during meals (this is a genuine Soviet Russia way, 50ml glass is a standard).

P.S. I don’t drink “Russian Standard” vodka, there is much better products in our malls in Russia.

tristan vander-molen says:

my fav vodka I love it to much


Bald, weak, wet, lightweight pussio with tits and a vagina on his face. Look how drunk he is. Can’t even handle a RS voddy

TurPPu says:

Maybe you dont have to because americans are too stupid for it.

Taylor Caudill says:

love this vodka will not drink any other

MrPete8680 says:

Here in America you dont have 2 learn a second language to graduate like sum other nations do. Dat is wut we call Freedom!

lewis121701 says:

Good with cranberry juice….;-)

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