Salute American Vodka Review

Here is our Salute American Vodka review for your Friday consumption. This is a USA Certified Vodka made from grain and bottled in a pretty bottle representing a WW2 Canteen.

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The goal of Salute American Vodka is no doubt to contribute back to the United States along with, in my opinion, contributing back to my wallet. Salute American Vodka is priced at USD $19.99, which is a fantastic price for a vodka that brings the neutral grain flavor profile.

Let’s face it, vodka isn’t the most stellar exciting spirit–most of the goals is to bring less flavor and neutral aroma, with maybe some minor subtle notes. It’s all about clean, crisp and easily to consume product without a rough bite and a good mouth feel.

Salute American Vodka pulls it off, they’ve got a product that isn’t light on rubbing alcohol aroma and has a solid mouth feel that’s not too watery nor too oily.

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This vodka takes the first $1 from every sale and contributes it to a non-profit organization that helps veterans in need, from medical care to physical care to work training. Of course, Salute American Vodka isn’t the first to work this angle, Brave Spirits (now defunct) had a vodka brand that also donated to veterans along side a whiskey and gin product. Hopefully Salute American Vodka finds its niche and can hold up under the weight of millions of brands of vodka on our local retail shelves.
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No Way says:

Yankee made, might as well be made in Chi-na! Lol

Dave G says:

Nice marketing for vodka. Interesting video. Thanks.

Einhander49 says:

I still refuse to pay more than $25 for a 1.75 liter bottle of vodka.

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