Score Vodka Review

Score Vodka comes in a neat bottle that has a built in pour spout when you twist the cape. This bottle is said to range between $15.99 to $17.99, seven times distilled and tastes like…vodka?

Well, more importantly, Score Vodka tastes like pure neutral vodka, leaving a crisp clean flavor of nothing, almost like you just neutralized the taste in your mouth. Now, that doesn’t mean it tastes like rubbing alcohol or pure alcohol, but neutral, we mean “no flavor” not even a burning alcohol sensation.

This vodka is going to “score” high marks for mixing with cocktails as it will not impact your cocktail with any type of astringent flavor or “burny” flavors, it’s just going to bring its 40% ABV. Coupon Code: PINK15
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Flintquatch says:

Taste or touch definitely. Too much loud music and bad allergies have killed me otherwise.

Rian Thomas says:

You guys are idiots!

lamelama22 says:

Rubbing alcohol – if you mean isopropyl alcohol (commonly found in grocery stores), then yea it’s poisonous. If you mean denatured alcohol (hardware store), then it would be safe b/c it’s ethanol, but they added poison to it to keep people from drinking it.

It’s fun to see how much cheaper denatured alcohol is than Everclear (same thing without the poison), and then you can calculate exactly how much bullshit “sin tax” has been added on. ~2.5x the price. A 750mL of denatured ~= $6, of Everclear ~= $15. So there’s more tax ($9), than the actual product costs… :-/

Chris Rudek says:

your videos are good but should be closer to 6-8 minutes. trust me.

Joshua Kleiner says:

NASA has an official sniffer that smells everything before it goes into space to make sure it won’t stink up the space station later. Maybe your son can take over his job.

david warihay says:

i drink that times 4 on the daily…im deep in it boys

markalexander774 says:

I’m guessing one of the larger spirit companies realized that Russia isn’t cool right now, and everyone in the West is supporting the Ukrainian government so they decided to invest in a vodka from Ukraine and bring it to the West to capitalize on the support for Ukraine. Brilliant marketing strategy; I can’t imagine it will be around for a long time, but it’ll make the company (whichever one of the few large ones it is) quite a bit of money for the next few months.

Life of Reilley says:

Love it guys! First episode down and we’re hooked. Will cue up another for tomorrow. Cheers, Ben

Brad Thomas says:

Looks good, nice video and can’t wait for more mixed drinks!

Alex Sultanaev says:

Actually the retail price is $10.99-$12.99, and for this price you can’t find anything better. As this guys said if you put Score side to side with other vodkas, for example, Tito’s, Ciroc, Smirnoff, etc. you will see that Score is much smoother and that it doesn’t have the bitterness like other products do. I love it both ways straight or mixed and would definitely recommend it to others!

Misha K says:

The vodka has an promo price of $9.99 in Florida and will feature similar price in other States.

Score committed to be the best vodka under $15. So average price will be $12.99 +/-

Soon you can buy it online. It’s specifically designed for Vodka Infusions and mixed drinks, so that taste and small do not interfere with mixers.

lamelama22 says:

Given that I’ve known people who had reactions to wheat-based vodkas but did not to potato/corn-based… even though distillation is supposed to remove all the gluten from the spirit… in practice in a factory…. not so much.

Dave G says:

Update on the bar? It feels like waiting for your favorite show to start its next season. Thanks for the video.

Brad Thomas says:

Forgot to mention that I like the changes to the video!!!

Reid says:

For a spirit so simple, it’s actually really complicated to buy. I was at the liquor store earlier today, just standing and staring trying to figure which vodka would be the cleanest. I did a taste test with a bottle of Stil vodka and a neutral grape spirit that my great uncle in Greece made. The grape spirit was super smooth, but the Stil gave a bit of a bad taste.

I ended up picking a Russian Standard, because I heard it was good. Have yet to open it, but I hope it’s good. But it was only a $3 difference, so whatever.

heyimjames4 says:

No, it is not safe to drink rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol does not contain ethanol, it contains isopropyl alcohol which can be lethal even in small doses.

Colby Perkins says:

Hate to say it because I know you can’t do anything about it, but the set looks so good cleaned up and not everything on the table and in the shot.

Antonin LaQuay says:

“I PUT THE PUMPKIN IN THE FREEZER” haha that one’s definitely gonna go down in history.

Neph Ilim says:

Well explained. I’ve been buying Score for about 4 months. I made fresh fruit cocktails for my wife and her friend a while ago and they kept adding more score after I explained there was plenty in the mix. They got fucked up.

lamelama22 says:

Sounds like a great vodka to me, given your negative-ish review. No flavor, wouldn’t notice it in a mixed drink? = best possible vodka for *most* vodka drinkers out there.

I know you guys seem to prefer vodkas to have a (gross) taste / burn, but the whole point of the “ultra-premium” bs is to remove it, since the whole point of vodka is to be tasteless, and a lot of people prefer their alcohol to be as unnoticeable and inoffensive as possible, as opposed to dudebros who want it to hurt and fight you on the way down so they can show how manly they are.

With pretty much every other liquor, yea you want that flavor, that’s the point of those liquors. I imagine a tasteless whiskey would not go over well. It’s the same issue with Patron… it’s trying to be a mostly flavorless vodka-like tequila – some people love it b/c of that, lots more hate it… but, again, that’s the point.

So yea, very tasteless vodka, lazy person cap, reasonably priced… sounds awesome to me!

liesofthepast says:

Hearing is probably my strongest. Everyone complains about how quietly I listen to things and I’m like I thought it was kinda loud.. Really is a bad thing in crowded environments. My smell and taste are surprisingly bad for my love of trying new liquors and beers. But I’m only 24 so maybe my taste buds will get a little more developed over time.

Robert Pallaschke says:

surströmming. Not everyone loves it. a low amount of people like it I think actually…I’ve been here for 8 years now and not once have I seen someone partake in the food. As for strongest sense I think I’d probably have to go with smell. My ears are shot from listening to music to loud, I wear glasses so eyes are a no go. Taste is shot from always taking spicy food to an obnoxious level. My sense of touch is blown from powerlifting without gloves and building callouses. I am usually pretty good at picking out what is in certain perfumes/drinks based on smelling them.

david warihay says:

i drink it straight from the hole….hehehe

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