Smirnoff Vodka Review!



Alonzo Diabolus says:

1st comment squad! Damn Thats 40% o.o

Jim Harbin says:

Grey Goose

Blue Boy says:

Pinnacle is better but Burnett’s is good and price is a lot cheaper!!

SparklingThunder PK says:

In Cali during a sale which are very frequent it’s 2 handles for 24 dollars

daemonicpotato says:

Plastic container… ugh. Anyways, I don’t like Smirnoff that much. It’s not horrible, but there’s nothing good about it either. It would be OK to drink, but there’s just so many competitors that offer much better vodka at almost the same price; you can get Luksusowa, Svedka, Tito’s, Russian Standard or Finlandia for just a couple of extra bucks, which makes Smirnoff almost superfluous.

Lord Maul says:

My dad used to drink Smirnoff. He’d mix it with either RC Cola or Vernors Ginger Ale. Btw, Nice WWE New Day Shirt

Chris M says:

Smirnoff is cheaper here, it’s alright but all vodka tastes the same (especially mixed) to me unless it’s the dirt cheap ones with charcoal taste.

Brad J says:

Love the channel but u guys are so fuckn cheap lmao. It’s 12 dollars it’s not 20 or above I don’t think it’s overpriced

Colin Raab says:

Can you do a perpetual IPA review

Justin Lee says:

You guys should review knob Creek or sailor Jerrys.

John Doe says:

Whyd you give cream stout a five big ging?

Serra says:

Used to get this all the time when I first turned 21, I didn’t know any better and its never not on sale around me

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