Smirnoff Vodka VS Absolut Vodka – Comparison Review

Comparison review of Smirnoff Vodka VS Absolut Vodka from ComparingAll.


leysi rodriguez says:

why are they wearing sunglasses indoors? puffy eyes? I prefer Smirnoff

Josh Warren says:

I’ve had absolut vodka so many times gotten sick of the taste of it. has a creamy taste! never was much of Smirnoff. the flavored smirnoffs are good though.

Northern Assassin says:

As a huge fan of straight Vodka I can tell you this guy is dead accurate. Smirnoff has a slight unpleasant aftertaste and is unsmooth (made up word) when compared to Absolut. Neither are great Vodkas but Absolut is hands down better for those of you that prefer a straight shot or two. If you are making mixed drinks the difference is negligible.

Alex Mason says:

did you even drink anything? what kind of shot is that?

SuperToxic says:

Fucking americans you don’t know what is real vodka. Smirnoff N°1

jamd1421 says:

Who the hell sips vodka like that? who cares how it tastes it’s vodka not a cocktail

Dave Gab says:

I mean how can you be unbiased when were talking about Smirnoff like that shit good, XD you know I’m saying I live in the UK and its bare popular in here love it

Ben Ward says:

unbias lol

Thomas Granet-Tegler says:

great video! thanks

WIT26'? says:

Its garbage if it’s not frosty on the outside of the glass

hstryhntrs says:

love the hat broham

Marco the Phoenix says:

im about to shot both of them shortly and ill give you my honest unbiased amateur opinion…

Pierre S says:

you’re not even suppose to chill vodka you fools.

ms x says:

hi, can you gimme opinion Smirnoff or grey goose?

Nick Selig says:

The guy with the furry hat is an Absolut tool lol

Timitrij says:

Haha you have no idea. Absolut is fucking disgusting, its also from sweden or something. Smirnoff is the only real Wodka.

Dewayne White says:

taake vodka



Ben Ward says:

I agree grainy and water taste is good.

TangeClown says:

honestly both are perfectly fine. I go with New Amsterdam because Im pretty sure it’s just as good and is the underdog..

Robert Glasner says:

I’ve tried both and I can’t tell the difference.

TangeClown says:

I also see Chivas Regal on your shelf. Thought I was the only one that knew of it!

c.augusto pacheco says:


Dewayne White says:

Well try Mccormick vodka

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