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Sobieski Vodka is a fairly well known vodka brand that has made a name for itself on the list of bargain vodkas. Sobieski is from Poland (where they insist vodka originated) and is made from golden Dankowski Rye. The water used to make the vodka is crystalline water from Oligocene springs, which contributes to the silky finish of the spirit. It is continuously distilled (similar to Absolut’s constant distillation process) and what you are left with is a smooth, clear vodka.


I don't want to use my name you dick. says:

Looks like he was paid for this…

Tankfist says:

Go home you’re drunk.

Smansdf Msamas says:

Im glad you started making you videos longer bro

Josh Warren says:

I thought it was ok

MAJSteveCA says:

i just got it for $12.50 :d

metaspherz says:

According to another reliable source it’s actually distilled 4 times. I think it has a slight sweetness with minimal burn (we agree there). I’ve bought just 2 bottles of Sobieski so far and each time I’ve enjoyed it. I don’t drink vodka very often but when I do it’s sipped from a shot glass or downed in one gulp. Either way it has a slightly thicker feel in the mouth with a hint of fruity undertones that lingers pleasantly. As cheap vodka’s go it’s my favorite.

robmoney says:

“where they insist vodka originated,” what are you talking about? Poland made wódka. Don’t let those filthy Russian tell you otherwise. 

Dominik Dziaczuk says:

Oh shit 15 dollars for this vodka? In poland it cost less than 8 dollars, and it isnt best one

Greg Benson says:

Sobieski is one of my fave’s. Before taxes we can get this for about 12-18 here in WA. This is my low cost vodka of choise. LOVE IT

m0nst3r666171 says:

Holy shit this video made me cringe. First of all, you clearly don’t know anything about the distillation process. Secondly, you can’t distinguish the different scents of cheap “unflavored” vodka if it tastes very plain, as you said it was. It just smells like water/rubbing alcohol, stop trying to impress us. And then you start talking about the minerals in the water they use to make the vodka, distilling it multiple times gets all of the impurities out of the final product. Minimal distilling equals lots of impurities and gross minerals from the “mash”, or fermentation process. You took the shot like you’re at a party trying to impress your bros, sorry to be so harsh but Jesus dude, don’t make reviews.

suspectblack says:

by far best all purpose vodka. good for mixing, good for shots… it’s my go to when i’m not drinking on the rocks

paradroidx says:

this fucks me up after like 6 shots… lol

Dennis Nikolayenko says:

If you would be able to find one called Nemiroff Lex, I’d be extremely interested in hearing your thoughts. It is Ukrainian vodka and might be hard to get in US, but I know its possible. And it is a good one!

TVR says:

to nie jest wódka dla muzułmanów bo mocno klepie ☺

nightflight83 says:

Sobieski rules.

Earl Dwire says:

The headache level (later) is the test for me. This one seems ok so far.

Dreamers255 says:

I didn’t get a sweet smell from it. For me, it is pretty smooth but it does burn a bit after

taksiarz says:

I think Bruce should pay to Sobieski for keeping his name alive LOL 

Bronisław Komorowski says:


Josh Warren says:

I thought it was ok

Christopher Penta says:

10 bucks for it round here.  

Gary Rahemba says:

Packs a punch without the hang over the next day! That’s the best part of Sobieski to me. (tastes good too)

taksiarz says:

the best shit on the market, cheap but good, dont bring you hangovers, headaches etc., I used to run on coniacs, whisky ,and since I started with Sobieski I really enjoy it. 

Carl Marston says:

Polish people make the best vodka.

mamamia88 says:

$15-20 a fifth? I paid $12 and feel cheated because I know I can get it for 10. It’s vodka and it’s clean tasting for $10 a bottle. Not bad. But, I live in an area with alot of polish people.

John Knowles says:

My homie put me on this vodka back in May. Definitely something you want to buy when you go to a party and don’t wanna spend a whole lot of money. It’s a great low to mid range vodka.

Lisa D says:

I think he does have an advantage, he’s fucking hot!

TVR says:

to nie jest wódka dla muzułmanów bo mocno klepie ☺

MattyLight30 says:

just paid 11.99 at my local schnucks here in central IL, I love the flavor of a 100% rye vodka. The best intermediate vodka on the market.

fishingfreak134 says:

his username is VodkaOnly

D5quared91 says:

Drink this with rye bread and dill pickles. My God it’s fucking good.

mzklvr says:

I like this one too for the price. Would you review New Amsterdam Vodka?

Ken D says:

I love Sobieski, nice review. I would like your thoughts on Crystal Head Vodka. I really like it, smooth. 😉

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