Stolichnaya Premium Russian Vodka Review (Moscow, Russia/Riga, Latvia)

Stolichnaya Premium Vodka Review

Eric’s Rating: 8.0
Daniel’s Rating: 7.0
Josh’s Rating: 8.0

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Buffalo Soldier says:

Best is vodka + solenʹya

Cold Duck says:

Caviar! Crazy expensive beluga caviar is like 5,000 bucks a lb. on these outrageously priced crackers forgot the name. Much more expensive than Stoli.

signinorsignuphere says:

he said na zdrowie. it literally means “your health”

Name not Found says:

Agreed with your political position, but, but Stoli is just so damn good

jroach0788 says:

douche bag on the right couldnt even finish his shot

Kevin De Smet says:

Sometimes when I drink this, is sizzles on the tongue a bit like carbonated water. I think predominately when it’s too cold. It tastes awful! But more often than not, it’s fine. And its very smooth and tasty. Any clues why that it?

Devilz DandruFF says:

“Na zdrowie” is a Polish phrase and it means to your health.. Not cheers, not good health… Just sayin’… Btw.. Sobieski kicks Stoli’s ass..

jrbaconcheez says:

not wieners hahahahaha

Rami Azzedine says:


Heavy Lobster says:

had a 26 of this drank most of it blacked out and was talking about doing some brutal shit, then spoke about a loved one in such a sick manner..i never even knew i had said any of it. had to be told to me by my friend who i was telling all this too. idk if it was the vodka but im staying away from this stuff and going to not drink to the point of “blacking out”

HarpoonTorpedo says:

50% is better

jeylful says:

As an Australian male my friends and I will boycott Russian vodka for their unfortunate position regarding gay rights. Russia: Perhaps you would like to brink back slavery, toilets for black people and the aryan race as superiors too?

nem01able says:


You guys should try out “rakija/rakia”, its a tradition Balkan alcohol, home made and the main drink in Serbia and Bulgaria. Its way stronger than whisky and vodka

RiverboatJoe says:

best vodka

Countryboy Edward says:

Russian Vodka is best. And Russia is a great country too.

Потапыч says:

Do you drink vodka like tea or coffee, Russian so do not drink, usually the contents chugging one glotok.Russkie usually say:Nu davay za twoe zdorovye!!

Emil Xezo says:

Столичная ебать алкаши вы

Careet Marchewka says:

He knows a lot about vodka, besides how to pronounce the name…

willkn1994 says:

What’s the russian word you said?

D ivine says:

nice vodka drink this

DRKN98 says:

you are an idiot

Paul W says:

I have a bottle of the Stolichnaya Wild Cherry Vodka. Won this during a poker run.

Marcin Ka says:

Hi Guys. This is very good vodka. But to feel the real taste you all should drink from 50c glasses, and drink by one shot, not by small gulps 🙂 Try it!

Emil Xezo says:

Ах да у вас сзади фон мерцает

pyro7602 says:

Middle guy looks like Chris Pontius from Jackass.

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