Three good vodkas for sippin’

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Bill 1949 says:

I do believe that the hat has added a complementary gravitas to your review of the eau de vie. Well done as usual Ralfy!


and you even dared try a new hat too,,it suits you well commrad

АлкоКот Дегустационный Канал says:

Vodka matryoshka balalayka. From Russia with love!

Lyubomir Ivanchev says:

Russian Standard is indeed a very fine vodka, excellent choice!

wclaurence says:

I know a gentleman who was in Russia, on vacation, and he had the opportunity to visit the Russian Standard distillery. He tasted the Russian Standard, and also the Green Mark (which Russian Standard bought out, to have as a lower end vodka). This gentleman prefers to Green Mark.

Lord Matt says:

I love a good vodka, although I’m more of a whiskey man myself, particularly Irish and Bourbon whiskeys (Scotch is good too), but my favorite vodka is Russian Standard, with Belvedere in a close second.

Dmitriy Dezortsev says:

Dear Ralphy, freeze vodka to oil-like condition , get some side dish – and this is important – black bread, boiled potatos, onions, marinated cucumbers, herring fillett, and may be marinated with garlic pig fat. Vodka is for drinking, not for sipping, so pour a shot, breathe out , drink a shot, and immediately have some side dish. Now you will feel totally Russian)

wwwSMPDAcom says:

Совсем ахуели там в своих европах! Водка 38 градусов!!!

Bruce Johnson says:

You broke my heart.

Jason Willey says:

Hey Ralfy you ought to continue the white spirits run with white rums, blancas, sambucas and gins etc…???

Alex Delarge says:

I highly recommend tasting the Stolichnaya gluten-free vodka distilled from corn & buckwheat.


you need to get into the high end ones such as belvedeer,,grey gouse etc

Greg Hart says:

I was surprised not to see Absolut included in your review sine at least here in the states it is omnipresent and although I do drink it, it is far from my favorite. I much prefer Russian Standard but by far my favorite is Titos which is made in Texas in the US. I’m not sure if it’s availabe where you are but I would highly reccomend trying it if you can get your hands on a bottle.

Dustin Yarma says:

I’ve been watching Ralfy for the last 10 years. I’ve learnt so much from him and developed a phenomenal liking to all things concerning spirits. Thanks Ralfy!


Ralfy, with all my respect to you as a whisky expert i would advise you most politely to stay away from the vodka area. It is a totally different spirit, habit, culture, experience, and even religion if you want. It is another universe which is almost unknown to you. Even your approach to the vodka is the same as those you have to the whisky, but that is absolutely wrong. So please, leave this stuff to us, eastern europeans, the local titans of vodka sipping and evaluation.

keppela1 says:

Ports next? I think a few hundred videos back you mentioned something about reviewing them …

Alex K says:

I totally believe Ralfy’s tastebuds. So what I’m about to say is not to criticize or disagree. “It’s just an opinion”. Vodka TRADITIONALLY has never been a sipping spirit NOR a mixing spirit. It’s always been a gulping spirit (in English this is known as “doing shots”). Hey, most Russians still drink their local “cognac” that way (but to be fair, it’s only fit for that). And that can be done in moderation – someone already mentioned “zakuska” – think caviar, cucumbers in brine, herring, smoked salmon, smoked sturgeon, aspic (and then there’s sturgeon aspic!), etc. It is more about stimulating appetite and enjoying the foods than tasting the vodka itself. So “good” vodka is neutral and smooth, that’s all. And free from impurities, which cause hangover and speed up drunkenness (poisoning). I am not a huge fan, but occasionally it’s just what I want, with a Russian-themed meal, and I stick with Kirkland Signature vodka from Costco – it’s cheap and better than most (I’ll admit, I tasted it out of a Glencairn like a sipper and was surprised at what I tasted but it didn’t make it pleasant). But Zubrowka and Ukrainian gorilka with peppers are great for this too!

Of course, vodka was invented before column stills, I’ve read that it used to be made mainly from malted barley. I think that Russian Standard is made from (or with) malt spirit, could be on the label. Some of the better, award-winning Russian vodkas add a small amount of sweetener (sugar), not enough to taste sweet, but to make it smoother. I’ve read it on ingredients lists.

Do I believe that there’s “sipping vodkas” out there with good flavors? Sure. But then calling them “vodka” is purely subjective, they might as well be eau-de-vie (a local distillery offers “grape vodka”), unaged whisky, unaged brandy, sugarbeet rum, moonshine, etc. It’s not traditional vodka. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But I always get a chuckle when I’m perusing malts at the liquor store and someone asks “which one is the better vodka” while also buying a bunch of mixers. And the clerks are always happy to up-sell them on the 40% neutral ethanol with a better label 🙂

Me, I’ll stick with my malts, though 🙂

Alex1998 says:

Vodka needs orange juice

PoweredbyPlants says:

I like vodka!

Reb Mordechai says:

Oh dear Ralfy. Apologies, but I fell asleep a couple of times whilst watching this. It would have been more interesting reviewing a selection of new make spirits from young Scottish distilleries.

incidentally, I was wondering if there was such a thing as Cask matured vodkas and indeed there is:

NASACrooks says:

Vodka ? ewwww


no number for this vid?

The Cawdfather says:

Vodka is nice w club soda n a lime and will keep u hydrated unlike whiskey or beer it’s probably the healthiest way to get hammered

Nathan Ashmore says:

Hey Ralfy, you should try a Lithuanian mead called suktinis… it has all kinds of flavors.

RobFut 99 says:

There’s a fairly new American vodka called Western Son that is AMAZING…

RobFut 99 says:

By the way USA flavored vodka is commonly sold around 37% but unflavored is 40%

Robert Rogers says:

Ralfy: Are the hot summers that Scotland been experiencing affecting whisky maturation?

FoxHound says:

Nothing wrong with russian standard vodkas especially the gold but the best sipping vodka I’ve come across so far is Beluga… phenomenal vodka! goes for about $65 here in Aus.

chrish12345 says:

is this Ralf or Aunt Ethel?

Bodo Bogdan says:


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