Tito’s Handmade Vodka Review!

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The Pearson Experience says:

I’ve had that one, it’s not that bad for that price point. Great Review thanks!!!

Blue Boy says:

Good Vodka!!! Enjoyed

TheRastamon VA says:

Finlandia is the best vodka out hands down

Zee J says:

Como estas putos, numero uno!

chuckdaddyfanfics says:

Cool video guys. If I may ask a question: what vodka would you recommend as the best balance between flavor and price? Best “bang for your buck” in other words?

Ashley Mossowitz says:

It’s great stuff and was a bit cheaper back in Arkansas compared to Kentucky. Made it a great deal.

Steve lange says:

Can u do the rusty nail vid love the show im a juge fan buddy

dr. dankenstien666 says:

but on a serious note keep on keeping on guys love ky brew review !

dr. dankenstien666 says:

Domingo has to clean his mouth from all those dirty commie dicks hes been sucking

tom johnston says:

Great vodka for the price IMO. Handles consistently for 30 dollars or less and is pretty smooth.

Jason Wilson says:

great vodka we guzzle this shit down every weekend

Porkchop says:

We get free Tito’s. I go to college with the son of the creator of Tito’s

Mark Ray says:

Here in Texas its about 16 dollars for a fifth and 24 dollars for 1.75 liter bottle. It makes a badass Bloody Mary .

joe batters says:

He lasted to about 2:20 then he started touching his head…then he starts touching his face…probably some medical condition…hope it’s not contagious…don’t want to see everyone touch’in and scratch’in

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