Tito’s, Pinnacle, and Ketel One Vodkas review by GarnishBar – Episode #3

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In today’s show I review and compare Tito’s Vodka, Pinnacle Vodka, and Ketel One Vodka.

Both Tito’s Vodka and Ketel One had very little alcohol smell while Pinnacle’s alcohol smell was significantly stronger. The alcohol taste of Pinnacle was very present, almost taking over my entire mouth. Ketel One wasn’t nearly as powerful and it dropped off rather quickly in the after taste. Tito’s was by far the smoothest and least stringent of the three.

I was very surprised at how much of a difference there actually was between the vodkas.


What is your favorite Vodka, and how much does it cost?
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Tito’s Handmade Vodka

Pinnacle Vodka

Ketel One Vodka








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EdDy4RheelZ says:

Ketel One tastes like a bitch. It burns the fuck out of my throat. Grey Goose and Tito’s goes down smoothly. Although I still like Grey Goose better, I say Tito’s is the winner. Tito’s is only $15 while Grey Goose is $30 for 750mL bottles. Tito’s is half the price but yet, it doesn’t burn your throat.

Morrison says:

vodka is distilled so many times you shouldn’t be able to taste anything but the alcohol

Patrice Robrinzine says:

I am a Vodka drinker and ketel one was my favorite for years. My now husband introduced me to it on our 3rd date and it is all we drink now. The price in IL is around $19 for 750 mil and $29 for 1.5. Another reason I love it is the price. It is so smooth. We serve it at our many parties and EVERYBODY is always asking about it and commenting on how smooth it is. Love the review

RonTheBartender says:

Tito’s is great on the rocks to sip, my other go to vodka is Skyy. Usually I have a side of soda water ( chase ) with the vodka, it keeps from drinking too much to fast.
Good Luck with the channel – Common Man brought me here!

Steve Chelmicki says:

He needs bread or crackers between shots. Have done taste tests and the first will always suffer in the ratings if you don’t. All 3 are decent, i’d put kettle one ahead of Tito’s but wouldn’t complain over any of the 3.
My go to vodka is Wyborowa (my go to) Stolichnya or Russian Standard at $26 canadian. If money didn’t matter i’d take Chopin, Belvedere in the $49 canadian price range. Enjoy !!

Shawn Munoz says:

Actually just tried it right now for the first time and I got to admit it’s pretty smooth, no harsh after taste and not a strong scent of alcohol. This looks like the time of drink that will sneak up on you after a while.

Morgan says:

tito`s by far is the best no hang over s and goes down smooth

Nefarious Cookie says:

Perhaps purveyor conditions affect the quality of these vodkas. Certain like em, some don’t, but Kettle one and Titos are excellent vodkas.

eddie k says:

Ok dude, that was super annoying to see you not be confident about anything in this video. Wow.

Portia Holliday says:

This was meaningful. I was thinking about buying Pinnacle.

Jorge Lopez says:

Really like this vid I have experienced taste difference I take my time w my work since I work an elite bar at a historical landmark… This proves price and promotion and brands ain’t much

Alex Vandrummer says:

I`m a poor F`er but Tito`s is great . I can only buy from time to time

Charles Gordon says:

Just FYI, when sniff testing, you should hold your mouth open just barely and breathe in through both, you will notice some different smells.


The liquor store I went was $33.53 for kettle one citron one liter.

bill jonhnson says:

Tito’s pretty…. smooth great price can’t beat it

NPG go bye bye says:

The best vodka for cheap in my opinion is Svedka, really good stuff. If you want a vodka that still taste rough even when flavoured that is great for the budget and is essentially a cheap Absolut although Absolut still keeps its 40% even after flavoured. Going a few more bucks into a basic price range I really like Absolut but Finlandia is good to and a hint cheaper. Russian Standard is both fantastic and gives you one of the best looking booze bottles for even less. In the upper tier I have only had Grey Goose but it deserves its reputation and is pretty good. As of now my favourite vodka is good ol’ Polish Luksusowa. As for the vodkas you did I have had them all except Ketel One. Tito’s is good and I like the man behind. Pinnacle notable taste sweeter when given flavour than the others I mentioned. In fact its more for the sweetness than the vodka. I have a big sweet tooth though and Pinnacle is treats that pretty well.

Scott Sullins says:


brian hilligoss says:

Bull its available in ALL 50 States.

Monty Burns says:

texas vodka what’s next a Canadian rum

Manuel De Leon says:

Cool review. a good friend of mine suggested I replace my usual Vodka (Grey Goose) with Tito’s to see if I like it. So, I just bought me a bottle and will be doing my own “research tonight”. 🙂

Devilz DandruFF says:

Sobieski is better than either Pinnacle or Tito’s.. Sobieski is by far the best bang for your buck vodka wise. The Polish know what they’re doing.

Brian McDonald says:

Wow this guy seems really great in front of a camera. Not boring at all….

ronald black says:

Pinnacle is great …especially at the price. 

Guilmon470 says:

XD Pinnacle’ll clean out your mouth.

Alex Yu says:

He doesn’t start tasting till 7 minutes in
You’re welcome

b18gstring says:

Is it to late to join the contest?

K!LL2BK!NG says:

I like vodka and gin. My favorite vodka is titos and my favorite gin is bombay sapphire.

StuUngar says:

I go for Ketel One. Everyone raves about Tito’s, but I dont see it. Its harsh going down and has nothing on the premium vodkas. Only good thing about Titos is its cheap as fuck.

Monty Burns says:

titos is not made it texas, its distilled in texas

rmoshammer says:

Hi, I want to serve some good Vodka on new years eve, should I chill the vodka
for pure shots or let it at room temperature?!

thedominator rhoads says:

tito s is da shit

Damascus Steele says:

Your testing it correctly and you should sip it at least 2-3 times and rate each sip. Also Vodka taste very different when it is chilled cold, it goes down differently. Personally I don’t drink Vodka at room temperature and know I would not like it. It’s not like Tequila where it taste great at room temperature. Taste is a personal issue and for me if you drink a spirit with food Vodka would be my primary choice since it is clean.  What I look for is a good clean initial like water, no taste and certainly no sweetness and a clean crisp finish. I get that from a correctly chilled Ketal One with no burn on the first sip. It does burn when it’s not chilled for me. I don’t like French Vodka since there is a funny after taste which I don’t care for but for some reason a lot of women love. Ketal One guys seem to like more. Tito’s is a new comer and heard rave revues but haven’t gotten to that one yet. I’m sure I will when the opportunity arises!

SuperFlickman says:

I just did a blind taste test of Belvedere, Titos, Skyy…. Round 1, Belvedere 1st and Titos 2nd…Round 2, Titos 1st and Belvedere 2nd!  Round 3: Titos won AGAIN!  I’m a LONG time fan of Belvedere… While I think Skyy is slightly better than Smirnoff..when compared with B & Ts..its harshness is totally pronounced.  Titos was like drinking slightly sweet water with ZERO AFTER BURN..heck…not really a warmth…more like a “glow”… My go to Vodka from now on and much cheaper than Premium Belvedere.  I tested at room temperature and allowed them to breath in their glasses for  a few minutes. Curious to see how ice opens up Belvedere and Titos!Btw…I agee about Pinnacle…gack… but I disagree about Kettle One…I’m not a fan

Tyler Dotson says:

Ketel one wins

societyhillofficial says:

They don’t sell Tito’s in my state, but a store has it in Georgia 45 minutes away and I’m going to pick some up tomorrow. I’ve heard a lot about it and I’m honestly pretty stoked for it

Dick Gozinya says:

Titos sucks. I drink it every day just because. Don’t want everybody buying it because the price will go up. Yeah, Titos needs to stay at the price it’s at. Really, it sucks, don’t try it, I’m keeping them in business. It will all be OK.

dave0z96 says:

Titos is my favorite vodka

Cody O says:

A blind taste is a more interesting test to see how you really feel

Jack Connors says:

Super Vid,, If You can Have a shot and Cavier,   Out Of my Class,,, and Im Easy,,Popov,, Never et a hangover, The Absolute, Seems weird,as The more expensive, as I Mix Ices Tea. in It,,, But The High Priced,i Have a Cabbage as Big as a DOORWAY,,,Thanks,,,, Love You Tube,Looking For a RV and Im Here!!!!!!

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