Top 10 Vodka Brands

Traditionally made from fermented cereal grains or potatoes, this is one distilled beverage we just can’t get enough of. Join as we count down our picks for top 10 Vodka Brands. For this list, we’ve scoured the globe and narrowed our choices to brands of vodka based on what’s considered the best tasting, bestselling and has had longevity in the business. Now, break out the shot glasses and get ready to pour. Click here to subscribe: or visit our channel page here: Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at 🙂

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Mike Ackrman says:

After a few who gives a shit on who made what!

Steve Chelmicki says:

We did a blind vodka taste test with over 25 brands , straight, vodka martini, and a vodka cocktail. Brands who surprised us with low ratings, Tito’s, Skyy, Grey Goose, Absolute, brands that we didn’t test but should have, Hangar 1, Three olives, Pravda, Buluga. .Final results…10: Crystal Head, 9: Kettle One, 8: Stolichnaya, 7: Luksusowa, 6: Ultimate, 5: Russian Standard, 4: Belvedere, 3: Finlandia, 2: Wyborowa, 1: Chopin

คLקHค MคLє says:

Expensive or cheap what matters is taste and these are the best regardless of price
Vodka – Finlandia
Rum – Bumbu
Whiskey – Crown Royal Black
Tequila – Jose Cuervo Gold
Gin – Edin Mill Love

Blazej Rogowski says:

Jan III Sobieski!!!

julle huu says:

people does brobably not realise how many diffirent vodkas they make in russia it woud take while to test most of them and stolisnaja is not best one fuck no

Morpheus X says:

Smirnoff and Stoli? The list is paid for.

Ronald Shorey says:

Everyone has the best vodka after 2 shots. Lol

AFenrirsLife says:


Greg Herman Greg says:

Vodka is a Polish invention please don`t forget , besides RUSSIAN VODKA SUCKS

Ronald Shorey says:

What about dubra?

Ya Ruslan says:

Beluga Gold Line – Russian premium vodka

Russell Armstrong says:


Benjamin says:

Popov is the best in the world!!

suhok san says:

i love Belvedere, Ciroc and Grey Goose.. those are my top 3 vodka..
absolute vodka is garbage for me.. everytime i drink that absolute, i get super dizzy in the morning…
the same with smirnoff (but smirnoff is a bit better than absolute)..

J.G One for all ALL for ONE says:

haahaha Stolichaya !!!!!!!!! better than Chopin vodka Belveder vodka or Grey Goose vodka No comments !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks like you do not have any idea about good vodka

reaper oflostsouls says:

You missed out Chase vodka voted best vodka in 2017

Dran Drey says:

Siberian Husky filtered with charcoal is for real men

rosenkors says:

Swedish Vodka “Renat” is the best vodka but they dont sell it outside Sweden.

Ronald Shorey says:

The best American vodka is made in small batches in the backwoods of Appalachia.

David Stone says:

Tito’s and Crater Lake are probably one of the best vodkas, especially due to their price.

Nicolo Sta. Ana says:

Cyka Blyat

Blazkowicz says:

Stay cheeki breeki, comrades.

John C says:

reyka all the way

คLקHค MคLє says:

Smirnoff is the purest form of shit.
Nice going WatchMojo…you fucked up AGAIN

Greiguci Wootchie says:

I prefer the cheap shite stuff.

Jaywalker says:

Not a big vodka fan, but Tito’s really deserves a spot on this list. I’ve had absolut and some of the others, Titos has been my favorite of all.

JT Hotleads says:

Great post…how come didn’t make it???

Headspace And Timing says:

There is but one ethanol molecule you hipster cunts. Fuck you very much.

Shadow Eagle says:

Where is Gorbatschow? ;(

Technickk1 says:

To your information Belweder is like ur White House;) Home of President 🙂



Izzy Mena Have E says:

hey Kak Saka stolichnaya is Lithuania not Russian

Storm Trooper3455 says:

I have to admit I thought Absolut would be #1

Christian Williams says:

I fuck like twenty white bitches my life skyy vodka white bitches love black hoes like ciroc

Yanis Jaeger says:

The best vodka is Russian Standard Imperia

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